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Get out of the red zone now!  Caixa joins forces with Serasa to renegotiate the debt

Get out of the red zone now! Caixa joins forces with Serasa to renegotiate the debt

Brazil is going through a historic series of increase in hypothetical in the country. It happened for the ninth month in a row, reaching 68.39 million people by negative name in September. With this in mind, Serasa is holding the Feirão Limpa Nome exhibition until December, with companies such as Caixa Econômica Federal and Enel participating in this edition.

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This week, mutirão also has face-to-face assistance in Caixa, Enel and more than 11,000 Correios branches across Brazil. The strengthening of the State Bank and Energy Distributor added to the success of the online version of the issue, which already had debt offerings at special discounts of up to 99%.

In Enel’s service, energy charges more than 60 days late can be negotiated with discounts of up to 55% and installments of up to 12 installments.

At Caixa counters it will be possible to take advantage of all the conditions available in the Fed’s “You’re in Blue” campaign. The bank’s internal campaign runs until December 29, with a discount of up to 90% on commercial credit debts (credit card, overdraft, working capital, etc.) overdue by individuals and companies.

According to the bank, about 80% of the campaign participants can settle their debts by paying up to R$1,000. Most proposals (about 70%) are enabled for renegotiation through digital means such as a website Caixa.gov.br/vocenoazulCartão Caixa app or WhatsApp Caixa, number 0800104 0104.

2 million deal in Feirao

The Serasa Limpa Nome Fair will take place digitally throughout Brazil until December 5th or, in person, at 11,000 post office branches across the country. This year, the CERASA initiative has twice as many partners as last year.

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There are 267 companies from various sectors, such as banks, telephone companies, retailers, universities, and others. To date, more than R$8 billion in discounts have been given to more than two million consumers.

Paying with Pix clears the name on time

One of the novelties of Feirão in 2022 is the possibility of payment via pix Low instantaneous denial. Unlike the five business days previously required to remove a name from the negative list, paying off the renegotiated debt per pixel “clears the name” instantly.

Nearly 70 million defaulters

There are 68.39 million people with negative names in Brazil, according to Cerrasa’s Bad Debt and Debt Negotiation Map. Total debt exceeded R$295 billion, an amount equal to the gross domestic product of the state of Bahia. The average debt value per defaulter is R$4,324.42, roughly three minimum wages.

How do you participate in CERASA?

Consumers looking to renegotiate their debts in Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome have several channels to do so until December 5th. In addition to going to post offices, participation is possible through the website serasalimpanome.com.brVia the Serasa app (Google Play and App Store), by phone 0800 591 1222 (toll-free) and via WhatsApp (11) 99575-2096.