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Get a loan and start paying within 3 months;  See Nubink's offer

Get a loan and start paying within 3 months; See Nubink’s offer

Known for being one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil, nubank Now offer one personal loan to your customers in a different way. With that said, NuConta account holders can use their saved money as collateral to pay the required balance.

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So, when applying for a loan nubankThe amount that the customer has already saved in his account will be stopped. In this way, this amount will be used as collateral by the bank and will continue to yield until the need to withdraw it arises. According to Nubank, the intention is for the loan to take into account the amount saved in a planned redemption at the bank.

In this way, the customer will not need to use up their financial reserve, allowing them to continue paying back. Every customer will have it custom terms According to your behavior in fintech, since the limit available for borrowing will depend on the amount reserved.

How to apply for a Nubank loan

Since it is a digital bank, Nubank loan application is done through the fintech app. In addition, the customer can run several simulations to see the terms of the required credit, until he finds one that matches what he is looking for.

Thus, payment can be made in up to 24 installments, with the first installment to be paid only 90 days after contracting for the service. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the terms of the contract, especially the interest rate charged.

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Finally, it is important to calculate the interest rates charged to see if a loan can really be a good way out for you. Thus, it is necessary to compare the return on the amount saved with the interest charged, and determine the best way forward according to your financial reality at the time.

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