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Germany crosses 100,000 deaths due to Covid-19 and records a new case |  Globalism

Germany crosses 100,000 deaths due to Covid-19 and records a new case | Globalism

a Germany The country became the thirteenth to exceed 100,000 deaths for COVID-19 On Thursday (25) new daily registrations were recorded: 75,961 new infections.

The country is facing the most severe wave of the epidemic, but so far the number of new deaths has not kept pace with the significant increase in cases due to vaccination. There were 351 victims of the virus in the past 24 hours (in January, the daily record of 1,700 deaths was recorded in the country).

Hospitals are warning that intensive care beds are running out and nearly 4,000 people are currently being occupied by Covid-19 patients. Given the situation, some hospitals in the south and east of the country have already started transferring patients to other regions.

The epidemic is the main challenge for The future government, which is expected to take power in December and will consist of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals. Olaf Schulz, the leader of the Social Democratic Party who will succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s future chancellor, admitted that “the situation is appalling”.

The new coronavirus has spread across Europe, which is the region of the world hardest hit by the pandemic. There were more than 2.5 million cases and nearly 30,000 deaths in one week.

The 13 countries that have already passed 100,000 deaths by Covid

nation covid victims
1. USA 775 thousand
2. Brazil 613 thousand
3. India 466 thousand
4. Mexico 292 thousand
5. Russia 262 thousand
6. Peru 200,000
7. United Kingdom 144 thousand
8. Indonesia 143 thousand
8. Italy 133 thousand
9. Iran 129 thousand
10. Colombia 128 thousand
11. France 119 thousand
12. Argentina 116 thousand
13. Germany 100 thousand

Vaccination without expectations

The situation is more serious in countries with lower than expected Covid-19 vaccination rates, as it happens in Germany And in the neighbor AustriaAnd Where the government resumed the imprisonment of the population (The fourth since the start of the pandemic).

The rate of fully vaccinated population in Germany 67% lower than other European countries such as Portugal (87%), Spain (80%), Italy (72%) H France (69%) according to “Our World in Data” data.

But the proportion of fortified Germans is similar to that of United kingdom (67%) and average European Union (66%) and above Austria (64%) and from countries like Brazil (60%) e United State (57%).

Saxony, the northeastern state with the lowest vaccination rate (57%), on Thursday became the first German region to record a weekly number of confirmed cases above 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants.

A woman lights candles forming a giant cross in memory of those killed in Covid-19 in Zella Mehlis, Germany, April 17, 2020 – Photo: Jens Meyer/AP

European Section of the World Health Organization (Who is theHe warned on Wednesday (25) that Covid-19 could cause 700,000 deaths on the continent through March.

The World Health Organization attributes the new wave of Covid-19 in Europe to the spread of variable delta, insufficient vaccination coverage and easing of restrictions.

Although 67% of the EU population has been fully vaccinated, the differences between countries are notorious.Only 24% of Bulgarians took both doses, compared to 87% of the Portuguese.

Many countries are tightening restriction measures, and They sparked protests – some violent – In countries like AustriaAnd Belgium NS Dutch.

For now, the future government coalition Rules out the adoption of a national closure in Germany and bets on the use of the vaccination certificate for transportation and the restriction of access of unvaccinated persons to certain places.

Schulz noted that the country needs to “consider” the possible expansion of mandatory vaccination, currently in place in the military and health facilities.

Angela Merkel’s government, to which the Social Democrats already belong, Extended until April 2022 assistance to companies affected by the closure and reduced revenue due to the epidemic.

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