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Genshin effect: Fans threaten to sue miHoYo over changes to Raiden Shogun

Genshin effect: Fans threaten to sue miHoYo over changes to Raiden Shogun

Thunder Archon Raiden Shogun was released as a playable character in Genshin Impact and while most players welcomed it with the usual grace of all the new features, a percentage of the community wasn’t satisfied with the overall swordsman package, to the point of threatening to sue developer miHoYo.

According to most of the data and as reported by the Kotaku portal, predictions about Shogun’s abilities were generated from beta character tests. At the time, the Shogun was equipped with Electro’s vision and several abilities that could generate synergies with others of the same element, particularly Beidou, one of the most powerful DPS in the game.

In this way, many invested in the opportunity to secure the character in invitations in the special banner, but in the final version that made it to Genshin Impact, some interactions differed and many of what was seen during the testing period no longer exist. The Shogun is very powerful, and as mentioned in the developer notes, the test is just to see what can be changed before release.

However, many die-hard players and fans do not accept the fact that Arconte arrived differently than previously shown, and some players from China even posted texts and images targeting miHoYo, threatening developer lawsuits and the like:

Photo: Jinshin Labs / Reproduction

More than one player posted a video allegedly suing the company to complain about Raiden Shogun “advertisement”, some with department names and phone numbers. However, none of those were developed.

miHoYo did not speak in any of its official communication channels about the situation, however, it is worth noting that the company has strong ties to the Chinese justice system, which has even helped to deal with profiles specialized in leaks of information about the game on social media, As was the case with several leakers who posted about the possibility that Yunjin could be one of the next characters released in the game.

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This is also not the first time that miHoYo has had to deal with disappointed fans of releases. It’s worth remembering the community’s reaction after Zhongli’s release, which was deemed “disrespectful” because he wasn’t one of the strongest, despite being advertised as supportive.

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