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Genesis opens in April in the US, Canada, Panama and Puerto Rico – Prisma

Genesis opens in April in the US, Canada, Panama and Puerto Rico – Prisma

Juliana Poehler, Carlo Porto, and Eva Wadawo at Genesis

From the beginning of the production of “Genesis”, and even long before the pandemic, it was already certain, given the greatness of the project, that it would be a work that, in addition to being shown here, would also attract the interest of many countries.

And that’s exactly what was happening.

Now, for example, on the 27th in Los Angeles, we’ll have a launch party on TVs in the United States, Panama, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

It is known that some of those responsible for its investigation will attend the occasion, along with actors Carlo Porto and Juliana Poehler, who played the roles of Adam and Eve in its first seasons.

The fair, in all of these countries, is set to debut on April 3.

On the other hand, it was also confirmed that the series “Reis”, which will soon be released here again with its new seasons, will also arrive in the USA, California, in May.

Thiago Abrafanel also records a demo for “Programa Livre”
playback / instagram

in the fight

Thiago Abrafanel will be recording a pilot on SBT as host of “Programa Livre”.

As already stated here, many candidates will be tested for this role.

By the way

The idea of ​​the SBT, for the new “Programa Livre”, is to sign up several pilots with different presenters, just to make the necessary decisions later.

In any case, there is certainty that he will not be close or similar to what Serginho Groizmann has done in the past. Same name because it’s from home but in a different format.

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final stretch

The recordings of the “Betinho – No Fio da Navalha” series, scheduled to be shown next year on Globoplay, are coming to an end.

Julio Andrade plays Betino, sociologist Herbert de Souza, who also does a great job in the characterization. Project by José Junior, from AfroReggae Audiovisual.

scheduled date

Multishow has scheduled the premiere of the second season of the reality show “Túnel do Amor” for April 26, now with former BBB Ana Clara in charge, replacing Marcus Mion.

The unknown bright presenter already has more than 10 million followers on social networks.


Translator Goliath In the fourth season of the series “Race”, actor Alexandre Tejano participates in a short film set in the Middle Ages. He made the movie “Conan the Barbarian” in honor of the hero of comics and cinema.

The Satantango Filmis production, directed by JK Wolf, will be screened at festivals after completion.

Herbert de Moraes and photographer Robinson Vieira in the Sao Paulo metro

Wonderful Sunday

Tomorrow, in “Domingo Espetacular” on Record, there will be the premiere of Vidas Cruzadas’ painting, with the story of Paolo and Cintia. Despite working for the same company, São Paulo Metro, they saw little of each other, until their lives definitely intertwined on a Saturday when Paulo wasn’t working. It was his day off, and he decided to take the subway home.

Journalist Herbert de Moraes reveals what happened that day, which changed their fates forever.

the press

Yesterday afternoon, TV Cultura announced in a statement that Marilia Asif is the new Director of Press, succeeding Leão Serva, who will now hold the position of International Director of Press and Correspondence in London.

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Pola Galé was invited to replace Marília as the head of the editorial team, who worked on the house.


Sao Paulo football team has received deserved criticism for its unconvincing performance. Sad for their fans.

But you shouldn’t confuse things. There were those who complained about Coldplay’s concerts in Morumbi. Probably annoyed that there is no air conditioning in the park.

Scheduled premiere

TV network! Confirms the premiere of “Na Grelha com Netão”, a talk show with Domingos Neto, on the 27th of next month in prime time.

It has nothing to do with your art. It is another initiative or contract signed by your commercial department.


Ratiño, after knee surgery, continues to undergo physiotherapy, strictly following the recommendations of the “medical department”, always scheduling appointments with his children and his closest advisors.

But he will be released on Monday to present his show on SBT.

Sophie Charlotte at the “River of Desire” launch party
Gilberto Marquez

the first show

Last Wednesday, in Espaço Itaú Frei Caneca, there was a preview of “O Rio do Destino”, filmed in the Amazonas, with Sophie Charlotte, Daniel de Oliveira, Gabriel Leone and Romolo Braga in the main roles.

The film, based on the short story “O Adeus do Comandante” by Milton Hatoum, hits theaters next Thursday.

New appointment

From the cinema, in a work that brings together Cassia Case, Cesar Melo, Julia Dallavia and Johnny Massaro, among others, the feature film “O Pastor eo Guerrilheiro” by José Eduardo Belmonte has just undergone a change in release date .

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Instead of March 30th, it was April 13th.

knock knock

• Reporter Ivo Madulio will tour the city of “Ideal Love”, next Tuesday, live, and interact with Ana Maria Braga in “Mais Você”.

• To celebrate Women’s Month, the Cultura Em Casa platform celebrates the life and work of singer Alaíde Costa, 87 years old …

• … From Saturday, the public will be able to watch the “Alaíde Costa – O Show” and an exclusive interview.

• With Rodrigo Santa’Anna and Lidi Lisboa, Season 2 of “A Sogra Que Te Pariu” premieres April 12 on Netflix.

• Roberto Carlos continues to fulfill his obligations regarding epidemics …

• … only what is marked and without adding anything else.

• GNT, targeted by criticism, has been working on changes in its programming…

• Nanda Costa, for example, as expected here, would be one of her innovations.

• In Multishow, in turn, Mariana Xavier is confirmed in the cast of a new comedy series…

• … It is an action that has been determined to take place during this year.

• Journalism at Record in Rio de Janeiro continues to achieve very good results…

• … “Balanço Geral RJ” with Tino Junior and “RJ no Ar”, presented by Wagner Montes Filho, recorded the highest viewership.