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General Ramos, at a meeting in Health, said that he had transferred the woman to the military hospital used by civilians: 'Horror, INSS level (video)

General Ramos, at a meeting in Health, said that he had transferred the woman to the military hospital used by civilians: ‘Horror, INSS level (video)

The phrase was said at a meeting that the Ministry of Health deleted his video clip, the same thing in which Paulo Guedes said that “ the Chinese invented the virus. ” Ramos also said that he had considered “changing women” because he was “giving a lot of work.”

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247 – The Minister of the Civic Home, Major General Luiz Eduardo Ramos, launched a series of biased attacks in a video on April 27 that broadcast the Health Council supplementary meeting live. Ramos said, without knowing it had been recorded, that his wife was ill on a visit to Ecuador and had to go to the military hospital in that country.

“She had to go, by the way, think about changing women, you see, she has a problem. So, I threw it there and the scenario was horrific, because the government, on the left, decided to open the hospital to civilians, worse than INSS there. And they want to do the same thing.” Here, “he said.

At the same meeting, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes caused a diplomatic incident by saying that “the Chinese invented the virus.” And that their vaccine is less effective than the vaccine of the Americans. Then he admitted the inefficiency of the federal government. “We in the government will not be able to take care of the people’s health.”

In the sequence, he had to apologize, but a free attack on the Chinese was already affecting the sending of entries to Brazil, the Botantan Institute also denounced.

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For the first time, the armed forces released the epidemic, Data on the family occupation of Covid-19 patients in military hospitals, following the determination of the Federal Court of Audit (TCU). According to the spreadsheets, the forces have closed the beds while awaiting the military personnel in the wards and intensive care units (ICUs) and that there are units that hold up to 85% of vacancies and are not open to civilian patients. Military hospitals are run with public money.

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The TCU is investigating potential wrongdoing on the part of the Ministry of Defense, Army, Air Force and Navy, as these institutions have not provided civilian beds for Covid-19 patients in military health units for civilians. The units have consumed at least R $ 2 billion from the federal budget in 2020, according to a review by the court.

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