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Baixa procura pela vacina motivou a decisão do órgão de saúde. -  (crédito: Júlia Eleutério/CB/D.A Press)

GDF will conduct active research on people who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus

Published on 07/11/2022 21:35

Falling demand for the vaccine prompted the health agency’s decision. – (Credit: Júlia Eleutério/CB/DA Press)

roaming teams of Department of Health (SES-DF) He will be traveling across the Federal District, starting next Saturday (16/7), to conduct an active search for people who are not yet vaccinated against COVID-19. The goal is to encourage those who have not yet taken the vaccine, as well as to offer the immunization factor to those who are late.

The decision was made on Monday (11/7) afternoon, after a meeting of the authority’s supervisors, due to the low demand – by the population – for the vaccine against the novel coronavirus in the Basic Health Units (UBS). , by folder. The SES-DF will be conducted indefinitely and should focus on the entire population able to be vaccinated (from 5 years of age).


And the Secretariat announced on Monday night (11/7) that children between the ages of 5 and 11 years would be vaccinated against it COVID-19 Coverage is less than ideal. Of the approximately 267,000 boys and girls in this age group, 117,000 did not receive the first dose of vaccinations, and another 43,000 did not attend the second dose, a total of 160 children with an incomplete vaccination cycle, according to the agency.

The latest vaccine scale update shows that 6,771,425 doses of vaccine against covid-19 were applied in DF during the entire campaign. Just over 2.4 million people in Brasilia have been vaccinated with the second or single dose – a figure representing 85.37% of the eligible population (ages 5 years and older).

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report card

This Monday, the ministry confirmed 1,936 more positive diagnoses of covid-19 in the country. Epidemiological Bulletin. So far, 818,791 people from Brasilia have contracted the virus since the beginning of the epidemic. The transmission rate decreased from the last recorded number, from 0.91 to 0.83 – which means a group of 100 people can transmit the disease to 83 others.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an epidemic gets out of control when the transmission rate is above 1. On moving averages, Correio adds that the number of infections is 1597. The moving average for deaths is 4.4, which shows a decrease of 38.89% compared to the calculation before Two weeks.