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Games can be played offline

Games can be played offline

The past few weeks have been busy because of the new PS Pluswhich will arrive in Brazil with Three new levels in June 13. While modernity appeared in other parts of the worldSony releases some official information, such as the ability to play titles offline – As long as the user validates their subscription every seven days on PSN.

With this, the subscriber will not need a permanent network connection, as long as he enters the PlayStation Network every seven days to “shake hands” with the Japanese giant and guarantees another week of offline access to games. In the post in PS . BlogThe company said the following:

If offline, will I be able to play my downloaded game catalog on PlayStation Plus Extra or Deluxe?

Yeah. However, when playing a game downloaded from the Game Catalog on the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe plans, you will need to contact PSN every seven days to verify your PlayStation Plus membership and maintain your access to the game.

Please note that this step is only required for titles in the game catalog on PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe plans. This does not apply to monthly games available for download via PlayStation Plus Essential.

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