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Galaxy A52 has a lot of autonomy thanks to One UI |  Official battery test

Galaxy A52 has a lot of autonomy thanks to One UI | Official battery test

Advertise Globally at the end of MarchGalaxy A52 has arrived Brazilian market Just a few days later, it also landed on our table to do all the tests that would culminate in a full analysis. Here we will start with the autonomy of the battery.

For this non-5G model, Samsung is betting on a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate, Full HD + resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, 6GB RAM, 128GB or 256GB storage ( Expandable via MicroSD up to 1 TB), quad rear cameras (64MP / 12MP / 5MP / 5MP) and 32MP, IP67 certified (up to 1m of freshwater for 30 minutes), 4,500mAh battery, system Android 11, One UI 3.1 dedicated interface.


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Samsung Galaxy A52

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Samsung Galaxy A52

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Our official battery tester works with many popular apps, games and services in specific time cycles until the battery runs out, with a standby time between cycles to monitor consumption in the background. Screen brightness and grid settings are standardized, so we can draw parallels between all patterns that have passed through our work tables.

The applications in the courses, and the specific execution times for each cycle, are:

  • 6 minutes of use (each) – WhatsApp, Youtube, MX Player (Offline Video), Spotify, PowerAmp (Offline Music), Chrome;
  • 1 minuto (cada) – Pokémon Go, Asphalt 8, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Modern Combat 5 e Injustice;
  • 4 minutes of calls on 3G / 4G;
  • 2 minutes of use (each) – Facebook, Gmail, and GMaps
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After our tests, we came to the following results with the Galaxy A52:

  • It took 27 hours 07 minutes to drain the device’s battery;
  • The screen stayed on for 13 hours and 06 minutes.
  • We ran 19 complete test cycles that included:
    • 114 minutes of browsing Chrome;
    • 570 minutes WhatsApp, Spotify, PowerAmp, MX Player, YouTube (114 minutes each);
    • 114 minutos de jogos (Pokémon Go, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Injustice, Modern Combat 5 e Asphalt 8);
    • 114 minutes from Facebook, Gmail, and Google Maps (38 minutes each);
    • 76 minutes of 3G / 4G voice calls;
  • The most used app was Asphalt 8;
  • The least consuming application is PowerAmp;

is over

The Galaxy A52 has made a lot of people dread its 4500mAh battery and pretty powerful hardware, especially when we look at its 90Hz screen. However, Samsung has shown again that it is teaching software optimization, which makes its model produce more than what we saw on the Realme 7 Pro, for example, which has similar hardware and the same battery capacity.

Rivals like Mi 11 Lite phone And the Poco X3 NFC also fails to beat the mark achieved by the Galaxy A52, and if you want a model in the class with better autonomy, you will have a choice within South Korea itself with Galaxy A72.

This shows that you can use the Galaxy A52 all day with games, YouTube videos, and more without worrying about running out of power before the end of the night, while still having enough power for two full days if you simply take it up.

Vdeo hands-on

Via Encerrada!

15/4/2021 – 17.30

There was 27 hours and 7 minutes of total use, with 13 hours and 6 minutes of active screen. Video apps, accompanied by Asphalt 8, are consumption villains.

15/4/2021 – 14.44

The A52 just closed.

4/15/2021 – 14.26

We are back to Cycle # 20, now 2% charge left.

4/15/2021 – 13.56

A52 with 4% load after 19 cycles.

15/4/2021 – 13.08

We are in the nineteenth cycle, starting at a 10% load.

15/4/2021 – 12.31

We now have eighteen full cycles and 11% charge left.

15/4/2021 – 11.42

16% battery now on return to cycle 18.

4/15/2021 – 11.09.2019

We closed cycle 17 and have an 18% load on the A52.

4/15/2021 – 10.25

We are in Cycle 17 that started with 23%.

15/4/2021 – 09.49

Sixteen full turns at the expense of the A52 and 23% Of remaining freight.

15/4/2021 – 08.55

Cycle # 16 in progress, started with a 28% load.

15/4/2021 – 08.23

We now have 28% load at the end of Cycle 15.

15/4/2021 – 07.30

We are already in session # 15 starting at 34% load.

4/15/2021 – 01.24

Galaxy A52 shutdown after pre-re-testing period on Thursday, 15th Cycle.

15/4/2021 – 00.56

We now have fourteen full cycles left and have 35% charge.

14/4/2021 – 22.08

We are now 46% charged after 12 cycles.

4/14/2021 – 18.41

We are already back to rounds 9, 10, 11 and 12, and we’re still 64% loaded.

4/14/2021 – 16.41

The eighth session ended with a 64% load on the A52.

14/4/2021 – 14.56

We’re back to running cycles 7 and 8, now with a 73% load.

14/4/2021 – 13.56

We now have six full turns and 75% load on the A52.

14/4/2021 – 10.15

We now move to the sixth session. We have a load of 94%, and an average consumption of 0.5% in standby.

14/4/2021 – 08.15

We now have 96% of charge left at the end of the second cycle. Let’s go now for a little longer break (breakfast) and then back with courses 3, 4, 5 and 6.

14/4/2021 – 07.23

The second cycle has started, now 99% charge left.

14/4/2021 – 06.55

First cycle completed, is still 100% (wrong?) And heading towards the first fraction.

14/4/2021 – 06.01

We have already split the A52 and are now in the first cycle.

14/4/2021 – 05.42

good morning! We expect to start battery testing with the Galaxy A52, taking advantage of the fact that we woke up a little earlier.

O Samsung Galaxy A52 available not available By America 2,969 BRL. To see the other 21 shows, click here.

(Updated April 16, 2021, 1:20 pm)