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Fungi in cooking? Science and crimes? Biology Fair brings knowledge to students in a fun way | Piawi

Basic education students at Teresina learn about biological sciences in a playful way

Primary and secondary school students in Teresina learn biological sciences in a playful way at an interactive exhibition at the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI), which takes place on Thursday (25) and Friday (26). Students embark on a life-changing experiment, learning about topics ranging from fungi in cooking, to where biology works to solve a crime.

“In the microbiology room, we talk about fungi in cooking, in the environment as indicators of contamination and how they affect society. In the general biology room, there was talk about mutagenesis, GMOs, forensics, and how biology works to uncover a crime,” explained Mariana Elaine, director of communications for the Academic Center for Biological Sciences (CABio) at UFPI.

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At the fair, teens are also introduced to topics related to biological sciences through familiar games.

III Biology Fair at UFPI – Photo: Disclosure

“In the game room we use Minecraft to talk about mining, Angry Birds to talk about smuggling animals and birds, Mario and other games,” Mariana explained.

According to CABio’s Director of Communications, who is in charge of the exhibition, the project is focused on primary and secondary school students, But it is open to all audiences.

“The exhibition is designed so that basic education students can basically observe and practice biology on a daily basis, which adds to the learning in the classroom, where curiosity is used in the exhibition, and learning that is not always worked on,” Mariana stated.

Gallery playroom map – Image: Disclosure

Marianna also pointed out that the academic center also aims to get high school students interested in the course and, who knows and who knows, enroll in graduation.

Students, in partnership with CABio and the Department of Biology, shared rooms and laboratories with biology subjects, such as zoology, ecology, earth sciences, microbiology, mycology, parasitology, general biology (vital cells, genetics and biomolecules) and botany .

According to the organizer, each room has its own decor and content which is presented through speeches, games and interactive materials. The project was funded by students.

The exhibition takes place in Biomass at UFPI, SG 01 at CCN I, on Campus Ministro Petronio Portela. This is the first edition after the Covid-19 pandemic.

* Trained under Maria Romero

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