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Funds managed by Bandes and related to science, sustainability and sanitation have R$ 95.4 million in issues

Funds managed by Bandes and related to science, sustainability and sanitation have R$ 95.4 million in issues

Development funds are one of the main mechanisms adopted by public development policies to finance projects stipulated in structuring programs, which make it possible to expand actions for the benefit of the population’s welfare. In the state, the Espirito Santo Development Bank (Bandes) is the main manager of state funds earmarked for various development policies, such as science, sustainability and basic sanitation, for example. Last year, Bandes launched R$95.4 million in projects for these purposes.

The funds released are for services provided with the operation of the Reflorestar Program, State Science and Technology Fund (Funcitec), Social Fund to Support Family Farming (Funsaf) and Renova Saneamento for City Halls.

This measure is part of Bandes’ strategy to promote the sustainable development of the population of Espírito Santo, thanks to actions that seek to meet the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For this reason, Bandes works on programs related to technology development and innovation, such as Funcitec, encouragement of restoration of degraded areas, such as Reflorestar, and availability of resources for basic sanitation projects, among other actions.

forest restoration

The Reflorestar project is an initiative of the Government of Espírito Santo and its goal is to promote the restoration of the hydrological cycle, by preserving and restoring forest cover, generating opportunities and income for rural producers, and stimulating the adoption of sustainable soil use practices. Bandes acts as a financial agent for the program and can receive, broker, and apply Reflorestar resources. The program includes, in addition to the Bandes, the State Secretariat for the Environment and Water Resources (Seama) and the State Institute for the Environment and Water Resources (Iema).

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The program works with rural landowners, giving priority to small rural producers, who allocate or wish to set aside a portion of the property for the purpose of environmental conservation or sustainable rural practices. Reflorestar aims to conserve, restore and expand forest cover, restore springs and encourage the adoption of sustainable soil use practices, generating opportunities and income for rural producers.

Supporting rural cooperatives

The resources of the Social Fund for the Support of Family Farming (Funsaf) are operated by Bandes, and are intended for agricultural associations and cooperatives in Espírito Santo, so that they can access the resources needed to purchase machinery and equipment throughout the state. To participate, these entities are bound by a public notice administered by the Minister of Agriculture, Supply, Aquaculture, and Fisheries (Seag).

The following items may be requested on projects submitted to the Funsaf public notice, for example: construction or adaptation of facilities; acquisition of machinery, equipment, service vehicles and trucks; investing in health and environmental regulation; and specialized technical services. Among the machines and equipment, for example, can be industrial kitchen items and, in the case of processing projects, freezers, or production items such as combine harvesters, combines or tractors, as long as the items are related to the project presented.

Scientific and technological development

Funcitec collects resources used to promote measures to encourage innovation and scientific and technological research in the productive environment. The fund is managed by the Department for Innovation and Development (Sectides), through the Espírito Santo Research Support Foundation (Fapes). Bandis is responsible for financial management, particularly in releasing funds after authorization.

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The fund focuses on the scientific and technological development of Espírito Santo, grants financial resources to projects, grants and grants, aimed at supporting research, development, innovation and human resource training.

Resources to invest in basic sanitation

The Renova Saneamento Fund works with resources on sanitation and final solid waste disposal projects and works. The value and works are part of the compensatory measures that the Renova Foundation, which is responsible for restoring the effects of the failure of the Mariana Dam, in Minas Gerais, has pledged to develop.

Bandes is the financial agent appointed by the Corporation to manage the resources and monitor the sewage works, which must be carried out by the municipalities of Baixo Guandu, Colatina, Linhares and Marilândia, which are part of the Rio Doce Basin, as well as the disposal of solid waste to be carried out jointly.

Waste treatment and disposal is essential to revitalizing the aquarium. Cities will receive the amounts in accordance with the implementation of the physical-financial schedule, pre-approval of operational projects and accounting evidence. The resource will be transferred by the Renova Foundation, by Bandes, to the General Consortium for the appropriate treatment and final disposal of solid waste from the Sweet West region of the state of Espirito Santo (Condoist).

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