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Fumio Kishida elects Japan's new Prime Minister |  Globalism

Fumio Kishida elects Japan’s new Prime Minister | Globalism

Former Foreign Minister Japan Fumio Kishida was elected on Monday (4) the country’s 100th Prime Minister, after winning the majority of votes in both houses of Parliament.

The new prime minister’s office is expected to be announced by the end of the day and be made up of allies of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, according to Reuters news agency.

Fumio Kishida received applause after being appointed as the new prime minister in Japan’s parliament this Monday – Photo: Kim Kyung-hun/Reuters

Kishida is 64 years old, considered a moderate politician and He won the race for the presidency of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD). Defeating a known opponent: Taro Kono, 58, who led the country’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

O predecessor of De Kishida, Yoshihide Suga, I decided not to run for president of the PLD, an acronym that has dominated Japanese political life since 1955, leaving power. He defeated Suga Kishida in 2020.

The PLD party is the favorite in the legislative elections in November, but Japanese television network NHK says Kishida should raise it to the 31st.

Kishida was Japan’s foreign minister from 2012 to 2017, and is the heir to a family of politicians.

He ran against Suga in 2020 and lost. This year, the politician was the first to declare himself a candidate for elections.

This time, Kishida sought to capitalize on popular dissatisfaction with the management of the epidemic, undermining the popularity of the Suga government.

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