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Front actions: Gattito concessions, Daniel Borges and Hugo sent off, Chai and Luis Castro's poor performance in Botafogo's defeat by Cuiaba

Front actions: Gattito concessions, Daniel Borges and Hugo sent off, Chai and Luis Castro’s poor performance in Botafogo’s defeat by Cuiaba

Gattito Fernandez: 3.0
It was a bad night. He missed all three goals, and one of them was overruled by the VAR. Two hits forward are incompatible with a goalkeeper of his level

Gattito had a really bad night in the Pantanal Square (Image: Reproduction/Premiere)


Things didn’t go well, but she didn’t compromise. I had a hard time playing fast

Joel Carly: 4.0
It didn’t do well in the game either. Kuyaba practically did not attack from above, which made it difficult for him to do so

Winner costs: 5.5
The best of the back line, with more fighting and important cuts

Daniel Borges: 3.0
Badly in the match, he had problems against Valdivia and was eventually sent off. Some good offensive games in the second half

Patrick de Paula: 4.5
He hits some plays and passes in the middle but more is expected of him

Bad acting. Apathetic in the game, did not perform, did not compose or produce moderator

Hugo: 3.0
The foolish dismissal, for arriving late, hurt the team

Lucas Piazon: 4.5
He showed wit and clarity in some movements, but they were few. It lacks more dynamics

Lucas Fernandez: 5.5
One of the best players in the team, with good ball control and quality of play

erison: 5.0
He was fighting against many defenders, far from his ideal conditions, and still working

Chai: 3.5
It was too bad for the game. He lost possession of the ball, took too long to play, turned the ball and ’cause’ Hugo to be sent off

Tea in Cuiaba x Botafogo |  Brazil 2022 Championship

Chai came in in the second half and didn’t play well (Picture: Reproduction/Premiere)

Givenho: 5.0
A little better, create some serious moves

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Los Aoyama: 4.5
He entered the fire and was not found. He lost two possessions of the ball, and the second goal came in one of them

A night to forget. Can’t explain entering with three defenders and keeping the scheme for so long, against an opponent who only had Rodrigoinho up front (from a false 9). Lacks reading to play and understand the opponent