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Freezing after vaccination is the first case in the United States in humans

This is the first case of a person taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Govit-19 and developing a blood clot (Credit: AFP / Archives)

Blood clotting problems associated with the Astrogenega and Johnson & Johnson Govt-19 vaccines are no longer an exclusive adverse effect on women. This time, a 30-year-old man developed abnormal blood clots after receiving a J&J vaccine application on April 8 in the United States.

According to USA Today, the case involved a healthy, athletic man in his 30s in California. This is the first case involving men after receiving the dose of the Covit-19 vaccine. So far, only a few women have been diagnosed with rare tumors.

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Within a week of using the vaccine, the patient began experiencing pain in his lower back and legs on April 16th. He was admitted to the hospital on the 21st and continues to receive specific medications with anticoagulants. The blood test showed low levels of platelets and fibrinogen compared to other patients, but levels of a protein called “D-timer” showed a rare clot.

When this protein is high, it can indicate that the body has successfully dissolved the tumor.

Despite these isolated cases, experts continue to say that J&J and Astrogenega / Oxford antibiotics are effective and safe. According to studies covering recent events, the risk of developing tumors is 0.008%.

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