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University of York, do Reino Unido

Free online courses at University of York, UK

Designed by the same professors and educators who teach the company’s face-to-face courses, University of York They require no requirements and are completely free. The range of options available on the site have two specific aims: to introduce knowledge in an academic area or to prepare the student for higher education in the UK.

University of York

The University of York is one of the famous 24 members Russell GroupDeveloped by leading research-focused higher education institutions in the UK such as Oxford, Cambridge and University College London.

It has a large portfolio of over 250 undergraduate, graduate and research courses in the fields of Science, Arts, Humanities, Health, Business, Law, Social Sciences etc.

In addition to academic courses, York offers a range of preparatory programs through its International Pathway College (IPC), which prepares international students for higher education in the UK and offers guaranteed progression from preparatory to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. York for students who have successfully completed the Access programme.

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York University Free Online Courses

York University also maintains a catalog of free, short-term online courses known as MOOCS that provide an interactive higher education experience for students around the world.

“You’ll be part of an online learning community. Free online courses created by our world-renowned academics offer a comprehensive overview of a wide range of topics,” explains the university’s official website.

“The two- to four-week courses are taught through online videos, quizzes, case studies and discussions with other students. All you need is an internet connection and an interest in learning.”

All courses are taught by the FutureLearn platform. Students must register for free to access the content of their chosen program.

Currently, in addition to specific university preparatory courses, there are 27 course options in media, physics, history, business, social sciences, nursing and more.

Check out some examples:

1. Lights, Camera, Computer – Action!

Develop an understanding of the emerging technologies that are shaping the future of storytelling – the way we tell stories in film, television and games.

2. Bioeconomy

Understand how to join the fight for a sustainable world to protect future generations. The course will teach you what a bioeconomy is, how to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources and what skills are needed to become a bioeconomy.

3. Next Steps for University

Useful tips about university life in the UK, from choosing your course to taking your first university exam.

4. Intelligent systems

Understand human dependence on machines to solve digital problems. You’ll get an introduction to “deep learning,” a form of machine learning that has delivered performance improvements in many fields, and how it can be used in applications as diverse as facial recognition, self-driving cars, and robotics.

5. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

Develop an understanding of cognitive psychology as an experimental science by conducting your own experiments and collecting data.

6. Future Engineering

Understand how the disciplines of mathematics, biology, computing and physics can be combined with creative thinking and social skills to create multidisciplinary engineering projects.

7. Digital Wellbeing

Understand the impact of digital technologies on health, our relationships and society as a whole; And learn to use them in a positive way in balance with “offline life”.

8. An Introduction to Nursing

This course will provide an introduction to theoretical aspects applied to nursing and the profession. The objective is for the student to understand what professional paths are possible through nursing education.

arrival Official website of the University of York See full list of free and online courses.

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