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Free information can save lives! – Open letter to the Prime Minister from the press

24.Hu also joined in an open letter, in which several editorial offices ask decision-makers to allow journalists into health institutions.

Dear decision makers!

After health workers, you are well aware that the life-threatening effects of a corona virus infection are best seen within the walls of hospitals. However, under current rules, doctors and nurses are not allowed to speak freely in public, while press staff are not allowed into hospitals, so we cannot report what is happening within their walls.

Why is this an issue?

The importance of providing hospital tasks during an epidemic has been recognized in many countries. In the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, and Germany, they have produced and produced numerous written statements in COVID classes, not to mention complete. In Romania, Slovakia, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

We should note that so far only Hungarians speak the Hungarian language Odorheiu Secuiesc City Hospital, And a Dunacerteli Hospital Through the reports that provide his works, we were able to get a real picture of how a COVID class works.

However, in Hungary, all editorial offices are still on the wall that are responsible and report on the epidemic situation and the social workload of hospitals.

Lack of information has serious consequences. As this information is withheld from the government and operational staff by preventing the production of real life products in the hospital, many are still reducing the risk of infection, not taking precautionary measures, and this can lead to more diseases and, thereby, leading to an increase in infection.

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Therefore, the editorial offices that sign the letter ask government and operational employees to:

  1. Allow journalists and film crews in the COVID wards and vaccination points in Hungarian hospitals, of course the press staff fully respect the health of health workers and patients!
  2. Allow health professionals to freely express their concerns about conditions in hospitals to the public! Let the nurses and doctors working in the front line finally report directly to the press so that we do not have to report the real situation regarding “evidence asking them to withhold their names”.
  3. At 0-24 we consider it necessary for the government and operational staff to provide factual information to the press, as it currently does not. Set up a separate team of operational staff and NNK to fully report to the press. Conduct operational staff press conferences in the presence of journalists online or in the open with the aim of combating the epidemic!

We look forward to hearing from you:




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