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Imagem de: Free Fire e Free Fire MAX: veja comparação gráfica entre os dois jogos

Free Fire vs Free Fire MAX: See the graphic comparison between the two games

Garena launched this much awaited Tuesday (28th) Free Fire Max, the enhanced version of one of the world’s most famous battle royale. With Ultra HD graphics, the promise is that the new game will offer players a “premium” experience.

In addition to better resolution, the developer said that the title will have its own 360-degree lobby and a new “creation workshop” that allows players to customize their experience.

In terms of gameplay, new animations for weapons and movements have been added to offer a more realistic experience. The sound effects have also been improved to increase the immersion in the game.

According to Garina, the same calculation free fire It can be used in Free Fire Max without problems. The transfer device will keep the items and progress of both apps in real time.

Which is better?

Many people enjoyed the release of the new version of battle royale To check how good the new game is. the channel BrOkEn JoYsTiCk YouTube was one of those who made the comparison. See the result below.

In addition to various animations, such as races and on the weapons that appear in the backpack, Free Fire Max It is nicer and more flexible than the basic game.

The game is freely available for mobile phones and can be downloaded from App Store (iPhone) has google apps (Android).

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