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Fortnite is down so Epic can investigate issues

Fortnite is down so Epic can investigate issues

Epic Games, via the “Fortnite Status Brasil” account, revealed that It is an electronic game Temporarily disabled to resolve issues with login, matching pairing, and other services.

Through Twitter, the publisher will inform players as soon as they have a solution to reactivate the servers.

In comments to the post, players criticized the company for its servers considered “bad” for the scale of Battle Royale’s popularity. In addition, other users have complained about delays in resolving issues.

Fortnite content producer Iannzits revealed on his Twitter that the title has appeared online again. But this happened as the services continued to be unstable and there was no point in waiting as matches did not start. It is better to wait for the official announcement from Epic Games after the whole situation is resolved.

The battle royal is currently in Season 1 of Chapter 3, with a Battle Pass It was composed by Spider-Man and The Rock as “Foundation”. After the start of the new phase of the game, I made the channel “ElAnalistaDeBits” Graphical comparison across all platforms Discovering a big difference between the old and the new.

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The Fortnite Club January bundle delivers winter items from Doc Slon

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