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Fortaleza is looking for Fernando Deniz, but the coach is refusing to take over now

Fortaleza is looking for Fernando Deniz, but the coach is refusing to take over now

distance Anderson Moreira resignsOh Undergo to Looking for a new technician. And the first wanted person was Fernando Deniz, who is unemployed after being fired Sao Paulo.

In an interview with globoesporte.comLeão’s president, Marcelo Paz, stated that he was “not in a hurry” to choose the new leader of the tricolor.

“We have already had contact with (Fernando) Deniz, but the situation is still open and I will not be in a hurry to select the coach. We have time to choose and make the right decision,” he said.

“It’s very strategic, and it directs a lot of things in the club, so we will do it right.”

according to target.comDeniz, however, refused to take over Fortaleza at this time.

to me LocationThe technician had a good chat with the manager of the Northeastern team and left the doors open to the future, but he will not accept the invitation at the moment.

For his part, Baz said he is looking for a coach who sees Liu as a “huge challenge” in his career.

The top hat is looking for a “aggressive style of play” coach that puts together a team capable of serving multiple times in a match.

He said: “We want a captain who has the will to win his career, who sees Fortaleza as a great challenge and prefers to be a coach with an aggressive style of play, who plays in the opposite direction, and finishes a lot in the opponent’s goal.”

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“It is these two files, the desire to win, that see Fortaleza as a personal challenge as well, and an increasingly more goal-oriented team,” he explained.

Anderson Moreira left Tricolor after the club were eliminated on penalties from Bahia from Copa de Nortest, last weekend.