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Former BBC Fernando Medeiros breathes after yelling at his son

Former BBC Fernando Medeiros breathes after yelling at his son

Fernando Medeiros, fromBBB 15 ”(TV Globo), today he talked about his 5-year-old son Luca with Aline Gottschlag. And it turns out the boy is sick and doesn’t want to take medicine. His Instagram said he feels like a bad dad.

“My little boy started having a sore throat three days ago. Difficulty swallowing, fever and sluggishness. But I am the sick person. I don’t know how to deal with the difficulty of taking medicine.”

“He didn’t take any good medicine… The question isn’t him. Me! I hit my limit, I lost my temper, I screamed. I feel stupid! Terrible dad. He’s the reason for my life. I know I have it. I want to be tough from time to time, but It’s hard for me,” he said.

“He was vomiting every time he took his medicine these three days. He says he is afraid to take the medicine, he is afraid to vomit. That night the fever was 39.7 degrees Celsius and I was screaming at him. I don’t know what to do I went to sleep feeling disgusted because I didn’t know how to control In myself and keeping calm, it took 90 minutes to get him to take the medication, 90 minutes of tension, harsh words, tender words, caress, strength… In short: it’s a nightmare. Only the parent understands what I’m talking about.”

Earlier, Allen worried about her son with bacterial tonsillitis:

“We found out he has bacterial tonsillitis. His throat is completely closed due to plaque and a high fever. He is very weak because he cannot eat anything at all because of his throat,” the influencer wrote yesterday on her personal account on Instagram.

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Allen also said his heart was broken: “I’ve never seen his throat look this high. I feel like crying to see him like this. It hurts. We’re already on antibiotics and I believe 48 hours would be better.”