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Forgotten money in banks: BC issues inquiries about new payment on May 2nd;  Another 4 billion Rls to be paid |  Economie

Forgotten Money: Missed the ransom request? “Repechage” this Saturday | Economie

Brazilians born before 1968 and who Missed an appointment to check the value of the money The “forgotten” in the banks and the demand to recover resources have a new opportunity this Saturday (12).

The advisory and refund request was issued to these customers last week – but at a predetermined date and time. Whoever lost, couldn’t do that in the following days, and now had another chance.

Effective Monday (14), BC will issue counseling for those born between 1968 and 1983. Younger counseling will take place from March 21 (see calendar below).

In all, R$4 billion will be paid out to 28 million customers – 26 million individuals and 2 million businesses, according to the central bank.

Central Bank issues advice on ‘forgotten’ money in banks: learn how to do it

Inquiries about values ​​and requests for redemption should be made according to the calendar below, which takes into account the date of birth of the customer or the date of establishment of the company.

BC SVR calendar – photo: g1 الاقتصاد economy

Anyone who has missed a Saturday replay can consult or request a refund of the current balance from 03/28/2022.

“But don’t worry, even if you don’t consult or request a refund of the current balance on all of these dates, it will still wait for you,” says BC.

How to check the value and ask for ransom

  • Who has already done the initial consultation To see if you have received a specific date to return to the . website valorareceber.bcb.gov.br. Those who have not yet had the first consultation should do so as soon as possible. Just access the site valorareceber.bcb.gov.br Run the query with CPF number and date of birth
  • To query values, You must have access to the gov.br . accountOr the level of silver or gold. If you haven’t already done so, Click here and see how to do it.

Learn how to log in to the gov.br platform of type

Learn how to log in to the gov.br platform with type “silver” or “gold”

Step by step value consultation and compensation request:

  • Access to the site valorareceber.bcb.gov.br In history and the previous period
  • sign in With your gov.br account (Silver or Gold level).
  • Read and accept Duration of Responsibility
  • Consult:
    a) The amount owed.
    b) the organization that must return the amount;
    c) the origin (type) of the amount owed; And the
    d) Additional information, when required.
  • Click the option That the system indicates:
    The) ” order here Means that the institution offers a refund via Pix within 12 working days:
    – select one of the Pix keys and enter personal data;
    – Save the protocol number if you need to communicate with the institution.
  • B) ” Request through the organization Means that the Foundation does not offer a refund by Pix within up to 12 business days: contact the phone or email provided to arrange with the Foundation on how to return the refund.
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To consult the service channels of the enterprise, it is necessary to click on its name on the information screen on receivables.