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Foreign Trade Secretary Jornal Midiamax highlights recovery in US and EU exports

Foreign Trade Secretary Lucas Feroz pointed to the recovery of Brazilian exports to places such as the United States and the European Union, which rose 44.9% in 2021 and increased to 32.1%. Sales to China (28%) and Mercosur, the main buyers of Brazilian products, increased by 37%.

He also pointed out that this year’s grain harvest should be a record, following disappointments recorded last year due to climate issues.


Brazil’s imports grew by 38.2% in 2021, in addition to purchases of goods such as vaccines and industrial inputs, which were linked to an increase in imports of fuels and electricity in response to the water crisis facing the country. In addition, the actual devaluation, which made the imported goods more expensive, contributed to the effect.

The Foreign Trade Secretary of the Ministry of Economy pointed out that the 35.8% increase in the flow of trade (amount of imports and exports) reflects the growth of exports (34%) and the “most significant” increase in imports (38, two). %). “We had a positive surprise in imports. There is a link between the increase in imports and the recovery of the Brazilian economy,” he added.

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