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Who is Daria Dugina, who was killed in a car explosion in Russia |  Globalism

For the United States, Ukraine was responsible for the explosion that killed Daria Dugina, reports the newspaper | Globalism

Spy and Information Agencies United State Sections of the Ukrainian government are believed to have allowed the bombing in Russia that ended with the killing of Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian ultra-nationalist who influences Vladimir Putin’s government to adopt an expansionist and militaristic policy.

On Wednesday (5), The New York Times published the information about the suspicions of the American agencies.

a The attack took place near Moscow, in August. Dogina and her father attended an event. He was going to get back in the same car she was with, but at the last moment, he decided to go in the back car. Dugin saw the car in which his daughter was traveling explode.

According to the New York Times, Americans fear that such actions will aggravate the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The heads of the intelligence services told the newspaper on condition of anonymity. They said that the United States was not involved in the attack, and did not even provide information or assistance. They also claim that they did not know in advance what would happen, and if they did, they would not agree to the procedure. After the attack, they criticized the Ukrainians for the attack.

In March, she was one of the people sanctioned by the United States, as well as part of a list of Russian elites and disinformation agencies run by the country’s intelligence, along with her father, who has been tasked with sanctions since 2015. Sanctions were imposed by the United Kingdom in July for supporting the Russian invasion, According to the Washington Post.

In both countries, Dugina has been described as a contributor to disinformation in the Russian invasion of Ukraine on various online platforms.

The US Treasury alleges that she was the editor-in-chief of a disinformation website called United World International, developed by a Russian political influence operation called “Project Lakhta,” which Treasury officials say used fake online characters to interfere. In the US elections since 2014.

The site will also contain content saying that Ukraine will “perish” if it is accepted into NATO.

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