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For science and for “the joy of life”

Joao Octaviano Machado Neto. Photo: Disclosure

In a time of global pandemic crisis, when science proves every day that only vaccines can prevent deaths from Covid-19, we must reaffirm the value of democracy, and we must prove that it not only works, but also exists to help people, which makes The state is, at the same time, a factor of social welfare and economic growth.

As Governor Joao periodically stated in one of dozens of press conferences, the vaccine is “the victory of life over the deniers, against those who prefer the smell of death over the joy of life.”

Although it is a new disease – from the point of view of science – it is known today that the Coronavirus vaccine not only significantly reduces the total number of serious cases, but also contributes to a decrease in deaths.

For example, according to the BBC: In Chile, where CoronaVac is also the most widely used vaccine (90% there), a study of 10.5 million people showed that the immune system was 80% effective in preventing deaths, and was 89% effective in preventing entry Patients are in critical condition to intensive care units and 85% to prevent hospitalization.

Not only was the SP government most flexible in recognizing disease severity, already in March 2020, but it also looked for ways to speed up the way to get a vaccine against covid-19. That’s why I partnered with the Chinese to produce CoronaVac at the Botantan Institute.

While representatives of the federal government were trying to put the disease straight, to insult the Chinese without looking for vaccines from laboratories in other countries, the São Paulo government summarized the local production of CoronaVac in Bhutantan.

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Vaccination only began in January after unexplained delays – possibly due to the pressure of Brasilia – at Anvisa. Thanks to Butantan, an institute affiliated with the SP government, 42 million CoronaVac vaccines have been delivered to PNI (National Immunization Program) and thus to Brazilians across the country.

In the state of SP alone, more than 11 million doses have already been applied, 8.7 million of which is CoronaVac.

In addition, the same butantane has begun production of the first batch of 18 million doses of Butanvac, which is the country’s first vaccine manufactured entirely against the Coronavirus and will be ready for use in June.

According to the governor, up to 150 million doses of Butanvac could be produced this year, “if there is a speedy approval of INVISA.”

Vaccine and science are synonymous with life. Democracy, in addition to defending the same value, is the exact opposite of the denials, fake news and the politics of the Brazilian tradition.

* João Octaviano Machado Neto is an engineer, Secretary of State for Logistics and Transport at SP and a passionate advocate of life