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For more girls in science, the program will support students who develop STEM projects

For more girls in science, the program will support students who develop STEM projects

A few weeks ago, the name of the young man Giovanna Ramos It made headlines across the country. At just 21 years old, Manwara, who had dreamed of being an amateur astronaut, became a man when she discovered 46 asteroids and they were identified by NASA.

Promoting the dream of girls like Giovanna is the focus of the British Council’s Women in Science programme. In partnership with the Carlos Chagas Foundation, STEM Girls Call: Training Future Scientists (STEM – STEM, in Portuguese) until February. In addition to supporting scientific and technological development, the goal is to encourage girls to pursue careers in computing, engineering, exact and natural sciences.

Projects implemented by people and institutions from all over Brazil, developed for at least two years, that promote the participation of primary and secondary school students in scientific and technological fields can be registered. The financial support provided will amount to 15,000 Brazilian riyals for each bid.

In addition to monetary support, the program will offer training workshops through STEM Education Center A partnership between King’s College London and the British Council for cooperation between Brazil and the United Kingdom in the areas of research.

According to Vera Oliveira, Senior Director of Higher Education at the British Council in Brazil, girls and women’s access to scientific knowledge production environments is fundamental to the progress of society. “Our main goal with the Women in Science actions is to collaborate in developing an enabling environment, which encourages the creation of an ecosystem with greater participation of women in professions in science and technology,” Vera says.

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2nd Call STEM Girls
course time: Until 06 February 2022
Recordings: click here
Project evaluation: From 7 to 25 February 2022
Disclosure of results: March 07 2022

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