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For Environment Week, Miss Rondônia visits the Bosque da Ciência in Manaus

For Environment Week, Miss Rondônia visits the Bosque da Ciência in Manaus

MANAUS/AM – The “podium” scene is lively. The Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, a space dedicated to science, education and leisure that exudes jungle vegetation, with fauna of the Amazon and many attractions, was the stage for Miss Rondônia Khrystma Siberth.

During Environment Week, Ms. Rondonia Hristma Siberth visited Inba for the first time, in the Petropolis neighborhood of Manaus, south of the city.

Enchanted declares: “What a special place Inpa allows us to have a differentiated contact with nature. In addition to the importance of studies and scientific knowledge arising from the research conducted here, I understand that the projects developed in Inpa also support public policies. Environment Day and Environment Week are important “But we need to be aware every day. Humans in general need to change the way they see and deal with environmental issues around the world, and of course I include myself as well. There is a need to make immediate changes in the habits of our daily lives, through environmental education,” said Ms. Khristma Siberth Inadequate garbage disposal, lack of selective collection and recycling projects, over-consumption of natural resources, deforestation, and waste of water, among others, cause disastrous consequences for nature and for all of us.

Photo: Disclosure/Vinícius Reels

Ms. Porto Filho, graduate in International Relations, says visiting the capital of Amazonas was an incredible experience and she is excited to model at other tourist attractions in the capital of Amazonas that she will visit in the coming days.

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