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Fontini will go bankrupt.

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in FavoriteAnd the Haley (Kawa Raymond) It is discovered that Flora (Patricia Pilar) wants to merge the Fontini Group with the bankrupt company WPaper. In this way, in the following chapters, the handsome man will invade the meeting, and he will try to prevent Eren (Gloria Menezes) from signing the document, but that will be in vain.

At first, about to sign, Haley will arrive in the room: “You have to listen to me, Donna Irene. This is not a good deal.”boy says. “This woman wants to bankrupt the Fontini group”will continue. “It’s out of control, call for better security”You will encounter the elderly woman.

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Then Flora will call to ask for security in the room. Thar Haley will threaten the Snake: “I can kill you, Flora.”, he will say. At that moment security will arrive carrying Haley: Donna Erin don’t sign this contract, because you love your granddaughterwill cry. The veteran will not listen to the advice and will close the deal.

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The plot was written by Joao Emmanuel Carneiro (same author as Avenida Brasil), starring Claudia Raya and reprising Patricia Pilar in 197 chapters. Globo also co-produced Mariana Zimenes, Koa Raymond, Murillo Benicio, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Ari Fontura, and Julia Gumm in the main cast.