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The SP government participates in the climate agenda with the United States

Follows SP with lowest average cases of COVID-19 for the year

Hospitalizations and deaths decreased six times compared to the peak of the second wave

The daily rate of verified new deaths in September is also the lowest for the year so far. As of today (16), the count was 123 deaths per day, a number that was four times higher in June, when the average was 543 per day.

The data indicates that the decline in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in COVID-19 is a tangible and sustainable reality over time. This improvement in indicators comes as a result of the success of the vaccination campaign, which reduces the exacerbation of the disease and the deaths resulting from it.

The number of hospitalized patients is also nearly six times lower than the peak of the second wave, when it reached more than 31,000 critically ill patients in hospital care. Today (16) people are in hospital 5,412, with a total of 2,611 in intensive care beds and 2,801 in the ward. The occupancy rate of intensive care beds in the state today is 32.7% and in Greater Sao Paulo 38.7%.

Understanding E-SUS Changes

The statistics of mild cases of COVID-19 reported at E-SUS have been affected since DataSUS made changes to the API (application programming interface) that changed the outcome of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and affected the data mining dynamics. There has been no change with regard to SIVEP, the system in which admissions and deaths are reported.

The new E-SUS API was released on September 8 by DataSUS, and since then technical teams have been working to adapt the operations.

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With the change, 22,678 cases are now counted on the balance sheet, in addition to those previously available on E-SUS, which relate to notifications between March and July. They were all calculated on the 16th of September, however, the stats had no reversal of the downtrend.

With this inclusion, the balance accumulated over the period is now 4,325,189 cases. Of this total, 4,105,705 have fallen ill and have now recovered, and 446,259 have been hospitalized and discharged. There have also been 147,811 deaths.

Data updated on 09/16/2021 – 6:30 PM.