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Focus on the “new audience” and move beyond the previous audience

Focus on the “new audience” and move beyond the previous audience

In a recent interview, CD Projekt Red revealed a very ambitious strategy for the next game in the The Witcher series. Development Director, Sebastian Kalemba, highlighted the need to win over a new audience with The Witcher 4. More than satisfying those who have an affection for the previous audience, it is necessary to exceed it in all aspects. Always with innovation in mind.

“We have to follow a very specific path and innovate with it. At the same time, we obviously need to try to satisfy a new audience. The Witcher 4 won’t be released for a few years, and it will be a long time since the last game, so we can’t just focus on the audience that He’s already enjoying the saga. “We also need to build a new society,” he told the site. Leganaird.

The company is aware that many titles inspired by The Witcher 3 have come and gone in recent years. Therefore, CD Projekt Red is eager to anticipate the next significant change in open-world role-playing games. At the same time, being an “excellent entry point for many players.”

Kalimba also highlights that his main goal is to surpass The Witcher 3, telling a denser story and offering more immersive gameplay. Although I can’t reveal many details, the idea is to innovate the RPG genre, especially catering to fans of this style.

Nearly 50% of CD Projekt RED’s developers are already working on The Witcher 4

“Polaris”, the codename for The Witcher 4, already has a huge team of developers. According to CD Projekt RED’s latest financial report, around 330 developers (just under 50% of the Polish company’s entire team) are working on the game.

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The number indicates October 31, 2023. The company’s CEO, Adam Kicinski, confirmed that the intention is to increase the team to more than 400 employees by mid-2024. Find out more here.