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FN Performance: Chai saves Botafogo against Vitoria.  Guilherme Santos is doing poorly

FN Performance: Chai saves Botafogo against Vitoria. Guilherme Santos is doing poorly

DOUGLAS BORGES: 5.5.1 Update
A dangerous pass forward almost ended with a goal in the rebound. Need to fix this bug

DANIEL BORGES: 5.0.1 Update
He seemed stuck and unsure of the end result. damaged at intersections

Kano: 6,0
Played a safe and correct game

Gilfan: 6.5
She was firm the whole time and made important cuts

Guilherme Santos: 4.0.2
He missed just about everything in the first half, especially in building the game. bad at passes

Louis Aoyama: 5.5
After the other games, she was still the most visible in the organization

Pedro Castro: 5.0.0
There was struggle and sweating, and there was a lack of quality playing with the ball in the foot

CHAY: 7,0
He decided the match with an unexpected cross. Too advanced, few results. Improved when supporting the ball

Ronald: 6,5
It was hard work and he took advantage of opponents. Send a ball over the crossbar

He got some plays right, and missed many others. can yield more

Rafael Navarro: 5.5
He made a gentle move that Ronald sent over the crossbar. He was very isolated and didn’t participate in the match

Rafael Carioca: 4.5
He entered eagerly, but confused. I got a yellow card and took a chance at the end

Marco Antonio: 5.0
Hold the ball and form tactically

Rafael Mora: 4.5
Too heavy and without rhythm, she can’t tap or hit the balls

Pareto: 5.0
Join to give more power and point in the middle

Matthews Friso: No degree
Little time in the field

Disturbing team performance. Although slightly threatened – by a fragile opponent – he had great difficulty building and won with an unexpected goal. The changes you made made the Botafogo team more difficult

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