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Fluminense x Criciúma: potential teams, embezzlement, arbitration and more

Fluminense x Criciúma: potential teams, embezzlement, arbitration and more

defeated 2-1 on the road, Fluminense He will try to reverse Criciúma’s advantage in finding a place in the quarter-finals of Brazil Cup This Saturday, 4:30 p.m., at the Maracana. To advance, Tricolor must win the Round of 16 by two goals. If you make one, a decision will be made on penalties.

The tricolor team arrives at the important date at a turbulent time. It comes from three successive defeats (one for Criciuma himself – and two other defeats for Syndicate NS Palm trees, for the Brazilian National) and last Thursday saw a mass protest near CT Carlos Castillo. Regarding the team, coach Roger Machado, despite the setback on the way, has to maintain the squad that started the duel. Caio Paulista remains out after being injured.

At Criciúma, coach Paulo Bayer will need to make a change regarding the last game. Midfielder Arilson has an injury and Dudu Figueiredo is likely to replace him.

Check all match info:


Sweetened: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
date/time: 07/31/2021 4:30 PM (Brasilia time)
controller: Felipe Fernandez de Lima (MG), assisted by Guilherme Dias Camilo (FIFA – MG) and Celso Luiz da Silva (MG)
flow: SportTV and Premiere
* Hey NETFLU It will make interactive audio broadcasts on Youtube
**You can also follow our broadcast through Facebook NS Twitch

luminous: Marcos Felipe, Samuel Xavier, Manuel, Lucas Claro and Egidio; Martinelli, Iago and Nene; Gabriel Teixeira, Luis Henrique and unique. idiomatic: Roger Machado.

embezzlement: Nino with the Olympic team. Cayo Paulista and Hudson are injured.

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chrysium: Gustavo, Alimao Teixeira, Rodrigo, Marcel Scalesi and Helder; Dodo Vieira, Eduardo and Dodo Figueiredo; Felipe Matthews, Hegor and Markau. idiomatic: Paulo Baer.

embezzlement: Sylvinho and Luiz Paulo, not available to play Copa de Brazil for other teams; Alemao, Arilson and Vinicius Tsumisa, injured.
suspended: Gustavo.