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Fluminense: Diniz asks Felipe Melo and Marcelo for respect after 5-1 at River

Fluminense: Diniz asks Felipe Melo and Marcelo for respect after 5-1 at River

Fernando Diniz held a press conference in the Maracana this Tuesday (2) (Photo: Photo by Marcelo Gonalves/Fluminense FC)

Even the 5-1 defeat by Fluminense at River Plate did not calm the spirits of a restless Fernando Diniz, this Tuesday (3). The Rio de Janeiro coach praised the team’s performance at the Maracanã, and demanded respect for the players, especially Felipe Melo and Marcelo.

Today we are back playing in a style we like very much, everyone is very active, very participatory, knows how to protect himself well. And take advantage of that other question “Today they didn’t know how to take advantage of Felipe Melo again, right? No Marcelo, right? Today they didn’t know, right? You have to be patient without killing people before that time. No bad player plays in Fluminense, Palmeiras , River … If he was in another situation, he may not be there today, depending on the direction, which would make another great match – the coach said at a press conference.

In addition to the performance, Diniz highlighted refereeing as a decisive factor in the outcome, mainly due to River’s “tougher” arrival.

I didn’t find the game easy. We were better, but the expulsion was decisive. When it was 11 to 11 we were better, but with one more we found more room. But it was a tough match, especially in the part where we were 11 to 1 – he commented.

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We knew how to compete at a high level, in the second half we opened the game up, in a very strong and supportive combination, with quick exchanges of passes, which is a strong sign for our team. We always have a lot to improve. Of the big things I loved everything, nothing is missing now. We took it because we made a mistake, we lost set pieces in set pieces that we could improve, first goal origin. There is always something to improve and correct. Today only praise. A mature and energetic team, even Felipe’s yellow card that I thought was unreasonable, I thought it was a team that knew how to play the match.

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Editors’ obsession

The obsession is very clear. All teams want to win. The intention is not to give up competitions, in my opinion we were right to save against Fortaleza due to the conditions of the match and the opponent, because in front of Paysandu we had more control. This River get to game strategy has been executed to great effect. We had to play better there, whoever entered. Today, we are back to playing within the style we love, everyone is active and involved very well.

Arias in height

Arias is a player with incredible potential. It climbs off a plateau, it evolves a lot, and it’s as incredible as it sounds. Very strong, technical and talented. He has a very special gameplay, he has a great road ahead of him. It was personification. He didn’t lower his head, the fans understood, the team put him in front, more than Arias, it’s the movement that sums up the team, we applauded Arias in the locker room, he was feeling good and he did well in the second half. He is an amazing player. He increasingly understands his role in Fluminense and what it can be like on the national and international scene.