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Florianópolis has recorded more than 1,700 cases of dengue fever in just one week

Florianópolis has recorded more than 1,700 cases of dengue fever in just one week

Florianópolis recorded 1,771 cases of dengue fever in just one week. In total, the capital represents 9,537 positives, nine of whom have died, according to data updated on Thursday (25).

Florianópolis accounts for more than 9,500 confirmed cases of dengue in 2023 – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

According to the Florianópolis City Council, The municipality had 7,766 cases last Thursday. In addition, six deaths were confirmed in last week’s bulletin. That is, there was an increase of three deaths.

In addition, more than 33,300 notifications have already been sent to the DC zoonotic disease control center. As well as 3961 cases of mosquito outbreaks Aedes aegypti.

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In the case scenario, the number of confirmed cases of dengue fever reached 41.9 thousand cases, according to the bulletin issued last Monday (22) by. Dive / SC (Epidemiological Surveillance Board for Santa Catarina). In addition to more than 141 thousand dangerous.

Chikungunya cases

Still, according to the city council, there are 124 notifications of chikungunya, five of which have been confirmed. Santa Catarina accounts for 37 positives for the disease.

The city hall indicates that it is carrying out several modifications in the Centre, Ponta das Canas, Ratones, Canto da Lagoa, Saco dos Lemoís and Alto Ribeirao. As well as complaints made by residents.

The occupancy rate of intensive care beds exceeds 95% in the metropolitan area

The intensive care unit (ICU) bed occupancy rate is 97.68% of Santa Catarina’s 1,164 active units dedicated to general care, according to data updated Thursday morning (25) by SES (Minister of State for Health).

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In addition, occupancy in all areas is over 90%, with all units occupied in Great West, Foz do Rio Itagay, Midwest, and Sierra Santa Catarina.

The greater Florianópolis area records 97.71% occupancy from 218 active beds. This way, only five are available to residents.

Occupation of intensive care beds allocated to general care in Santa Catarina & # 8211;  Image: SES/clone/NDOccupancy of ICU beds destined for General Care in Santa Catarina – Image: SES / Reproductive / ND

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