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Flamingo decides that Carioca should argue between Titi and Jesus

Flamingo decides that Carioca should argue between Titi and Jesus

Gavea is boiling on the eve of the Fla-Flu that will decide Carioquinha this year. Despite the advantage of two goals apart, obtained in the first match, last Saturday, there is much talk about the succession of coach Vitor Pereira than the possibility of winning another term.

Some furry foxes even ensure that the Portuguese coach’s fate is already sealed and he will be fired at any outcome.

– The selection of the reserve team in the Libertadores, the poor performance in Quito, the fight with the fans and, above all, the post-match interview, when he said that Flamengo had played well, in his opinion, were the scoops of lime in his team. Funeral! – Include me as one of them.

I contend that a great victory, with a convincing performance (which, I agree, seems very unlikely today) might be able to give Pereira survival. But my source insists:

– What was discussed now is the successor. Rodolfo Landim wants it because he wants Tite. He was very impressed by the interaction he had at the 2019 Copa América (when Brazil were champions and top hat Robro Negro was the head of the delegation) and is convinced that the former Brazil coach is the perfect name for the remainder of the season.

However, not everyone likes the idea (a big part of Flamengo fans hate it) and I’m sure Vice President Marcos Praz is now starting to advocate for the return of Jorge Jesus! Why did the Chancellor change his mind, after formally disdaining the Master, during his last visit to Brazil?

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For the simple fact of speaking to the casting leaders and realizing that this is what the group prefers should Vitor Pereira actually be fired. In addition, the intense movement of the so-called FlaTT (various red and black threads on social networks) calling for the return of the 2019 captain has become massive.

However, Messiah’s return may not be immediate (he has a contract with the Turks until the end of the European season). Just like Tite, in principle, he also said he’d prefer to wait a bit before returning to club work in Brazil. From there, news also emerged of the Under-20 Technical Committee being put on standby, should it have to meet a transitional period.

Whatever happens, it cannot be denied that Flamengo arrives in contention for their fourth title of the year (they lost the first three) in a totally chaotic climate. Check out the following chapters of this rocambolesque soap series.