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Flamengo: STJD denounces Gabigol and Arascaeta for bidding in the Copa del Rey - 09/08/2022

Flamengo should try to anticipate the rulings of Gabigole and Arascaeta – 10/08/2022

Flamengo played seriously, but not all, to confirm their qualification for the Libertadores semi-finals in the Maracana.

Before Corinthians Who scored just five goals in ten matches in the continental championship, it was enough to keep the area well with David Luiz and Leo Pereira, relying on Santos to kick in by Edson in the first half, and in the second stage, determining the place with a great run and a pass from Arascaeta Peter’s goal. Bruno Mendes’ expulsion was just a shovel.

Playing in the third semi-final in four editions is an important achievement for the Red and Black team. It only achieved the same, in another dispute form, in the editions of 1981, 1982, this year’s auto-classified version of the title, and 1984. It’s not a little, it’s a far cry from that. But it was very good on the road, 2-0 in Itaqueira. Just confirmed.

However, another fact took on even greater importance, when considering the 2022 season: after the first request was rejected, the STJD decided to accept Atletico’s complaint against. Gabigol De Arrascaeta, in the draw for the Copa do Brasil without goals, in the Maracana, the ninth shirt made a mistake by Fernandinho and the Uruguayan saved Eric from behind to kill a counter-attack from Parana. Both received a yellow card.

But they can get heavy “hooks”: Gabigols up to 12 matches, to “exercise physical aggression during a match, test, or equivalent.” The Arrascaeta up to six matches, in order to “practice violent play”.

The decision is absurd and could set a dangerous precedent, with clubs asking prosecutors to “re-repeat” matches, even with the referee assisted by the video assistant referee. The infractions were called and the athletes were punished at the referee’s discretion. Messing with it later and suspending players would be a huge intrusion. But the history of STJD is to try to get a leadership role that she has not in football.

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Given the context of two back-to-back matches against Paraná, the first at home to the Brazilian, Flamengo will have to ask to hold testing until Friday, the 12th, at the latest. To accurately determine the teams that will be sent to the field. no doubt.

If the two superstars can’t be in the Arena da Baixada, let them release for the match in Maracanã, like suspended David Luiz and Thiago Maia. If the trial takes place only on Tuesday, the 16th, as scheduled, Dorival Jr. will not know on Sunday whether he will face the two accused by his opponent.

Without them, the potential team for the first match, according to Dorival’s logic in the last matches, would be: Santos; Mathuzinho, David Luiz, Pablo and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maya, Diego and Victor Hugo; from Arrascaeta; Gabigol and Lazarus. The next team will be fourth in Curitiba: Santos; Rodini, Fabricio Bruno, Leo Pereira and Felipe Luis; Joao Gomez, Vidal and Everton Ribeiro; Marinho, Pedro and Everton Cipollina.

If only one is stopped, Everton will be the substitute Cipollinha either way. Flamengo could also achieve a stopping effect, which would delay the issue in the event of qualifying for the semi-finals.

But for common sense, the court must support judgments from the field. However, we know that rationality is not the strong point of Brazilian football agents. Feel free to come…