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Flamengo play for spending and beat Cuiaba with two goals from Pedro and Thiago Maya - 07/01/2021

Flamengo play for spending and beat Cuiaba with two goals from Pedro and Thiago Maya – 07/01/2021

a flamingo He was far from smart, he got some scares, but he played enough to win cuiaba 2-0, with two goals from Pedro and Thiago Maya, in a match valid for Brazilian. In today’s match (first), the Robro-Negros dominated the first half, but they saw the opponent grow into the final stage at Arena Pantanal and compromise their defense.

Robro-Negros was still punished by embezzlement, and they couldn’t maintain a good tempo and played to defend the advantage built early in the match, especially in the latter half of the match. When he was under pressure, a quick counterattack by Rodrigo Muniz led to the win, already in injury time.

In the next round, Vla faces the opponent FluminenseSunday at 4:00 pm at the New Coimica Arena. Cuiaba, in turn, receives on Sunday Atletico MG6:15 p.m. at Arena Pantanal.

Flamingo on the tea bill

Photo: Jill Gomez/Agive

With full control of the actions and good organization of the capo, the visitors did not allow the opponent to play in the initial stage. The team dominated the proceedings, but lacked whimsy when determining bids. In the face of the Cuyaba who came back brighter, the team suffered a lot and fell behind. To make matters worse, Diego left the field complaining of knee pain and the team lost more imagination. In the face of the uninspired journey, the Three Points must be celebrated.

Kuyaba feels excitement and fear

After the first half in which the current champions participated, Cuiaba returned with a different position and came close to a tie. With early markings and some moves by Luiz Fernando Ieubel, the team grew and pushed the opponent into his defence. The Cuyapas took advantage of Fla’s physical decline to gain ground, but they lacked precision when making the decision.

Michael stands out

Michael in Cuiabá x Flamengo - Gil Gomes / AGIF - Gil Gomes / AGIF

Michael in Cuiabá x Flamengo

Photo: Jill Gomez/Agive

Michael was the target of crowd criticism, and was the best red black on the field. The striker made some wrong decisions, but he was the most insightful player. On the left side, he created good substitutes in attack and was tireless in his recovery. Like the rest of the team, he pulled out of production in the second half.

Baby meets Phil

Created by Gávea, midfielder Pepê is set up with the former club for the first time. Against Fla’s touch of the ball, the 11 jersey produced little and was shunned in the Arena Pantanal, although there was no shortage of delivery and the hunt for the ball.

Walter saves, Danilo loses

When the match was 1-0 to Fla, Bruno Henrique met face to face with Walter, kicked, but the goalkeeper made a difficult defense. In a rare descent from Cuiaba, Clayson found Danilo Gomez, and the striker had room to dislodge Gabriel Batista, but he kicked out the home owners’ best chance.


In the 9th of the first half, Vetino steals the ball and the play ends at the feet of Pedro, who only completes the opening of the scoreboard. In the 46th minute of the second half, Thiago Maya closed the account, completing a counterattack.

the support

Cuiaba has announced a partnership with the Mato Grosso government, which will stamp the phrases “Mate Mato Grosso” and “Invest in Mato Grosso” on the Dorado’s training and playing uniform. Grandma has already appeared in today’s game costume.

idol game

Idol to Flamengo in the 90s, striker Gaucho was also responsible for founding Cuiaba. After suffering with a Prostate cancer, the scorer did not resist and died in March 2016, not enough time to see the fencing up close.

data sheet

Cuiaba x Flamingo

reason: The eighth round of the Brazilian League
Sweetened: Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá (MT)
hour: 20 hours (Brazil time)
Rule: Rodolfo Toschi Marques (PR)
helpers: Fabricio Villarino da Silva (GO) and Cedar dos Santos Maurer (PR)
WhereJean-Pierre Goncalves Lima (Republika Srpska)
Objectives: Pedro, in the 9th minute of the first half. Thiago Maia, 46 minutes into the second half.
yellow cards: Diego, Bruno Henrique, Rodini, Vitinho, Max (FLA); Marlon, Clayson, Danilo Gomez (CUI)
red cards:

Cuiaba: Walter. Lucas Ramon (Camillo), Marlon, Paulo e Lucas Hernandez (parrot); yuri Lima, Raphael Java (Olian Correa) e Baby. ClaysonElton (Philippe Marquez) e Jonathan Cafu (Danilo Gomez). idiomatic: Louise Fernando Iubel

flamingo: Gabriel Batista ; MateusWillian Arau, Rodrigo Caillou and Felipe Luis; Diego (Hugo Moura), Joao Gomez (Tiago Maya), Michael and Vitenho (Max); Bruno Henrique (Wirton) and Pedro (Rodrigo Muniz). idiomatic: Rogerio Cini

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