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Flamengo crushes Volta Redonda and goes to the Carioca Championship Final

Flamengo crushes Volta Redonda and goes to the Carioca Championship Final

Having already started the match with a 3 to 0 advantage on the overall scoreboard, Flamengo imposed his rhythm again and it was difficult for Volta Redonda to “scribble the scoreboard”. With a show GabeJul – who made two and provided the assist – crushed Robro Negro 4 to 1 and qualified for the Carioca Championship Final. Michael and Vettinho scored the other goals. Joao Carlos dropped in the time-out, from the penalty spot.

Flamengo, now seeded, awaits the winner of the duel between Fluminense and Puerto Rico, who face each other on Sunday (9), at 16 o’clock, in the Maracana (RJ). In the first leg, the two teams drew 1-1, giving Tricolor the advantage of playing in a draw, once the qualifying round against Lusa was over.

After the rest of Sunday, the Roberto Negro will become the key to the World Cup LibertadoresNext Tuesday, he faces Unión La Calera in Chile.


Seriously playing, Flamengo hadn’t let Volta Redonda breathe since the first minutes of the match. With Gabigol and Pedro’s inspiration, Robro Negro choked the City of Steel and amassed a series of goal opportunities. The first half ended 3-0 and it could have been more than that.

At the back of the break, Flamengo kept his mark and expanded after three minutes with the Vettino, disrupting any kind of unexpected reaction by Voltaco.

The best – Gabegol

He scored two goals, assisted him and played his role as captain, something that Flamengo had never seen before. Still in the first half, he even gave Michael a big rebuke after the striker quickly punched on the field, demanding to play hard.

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The worst – Andrei

Volta Redonda’s goalkeeper ended up missing Gabigol’s second goal when he let the ball pass under his body.

Michael and Vitinho agree

Photo: Marcelo Curtis / Flamingo

Competed in many moments by the Flamengo fans, Michael and Vettinho left their mark and took advantage of the opportunity that coach Rogiero Ceni gave them.

Not worth!

Volta Redonda hit the net just one minute after the first half, but the referee pointed to a handicap for striker Joao Carlos.

Michael opened the score after Gabigol’s pass

Flamengo opened the scoring in the 11th minute of the first half when Gabigol made a good move and served Michael, who was calm in front of Andrei and played a class in the left corner of the goalkeeper.

Nice goal from Gabijol

Flamengo expanded to 20, when Pedro cleared the score, playing with Gabigole and giving the striker an impressive cut for the defender before he reached Andre’s class.

Another one from Gabijol

At 42, Gabigol scored with Matteo Zinho and kicked hard. Andrei tried to defend, but ended up leaving the ball under his body. This was the striker’s second goal and Flamengo’s third goal.

Vitinho is expanding

As soon as three minutes into the second half, Vettineo, who believed in the move, was released, overpowering the defender and kicking a class to make Flamengo 4-0.

Joao Carlos performs this honor

In the 45th minute of the second half, Hiroshi kicked the ball first and the ball hit Joao Gomez’s hand. A penalty kick won by Joao Carlos and honored by Volta Redonda.

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GabeJul enjoys it Song In heating

During the warm-up, the sound system played a song in Gabejol’s honor and the attacker loved it:

data sheet

FLAMENGO Tour 4 × 1
ContestSemi-final of the Carioca Championship
dataSaturday: May 8, 2021
Table: 21h05 (from Brasilia)
Sweetened: Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rule: Felipe da Silva Gonsalves Paludo
AssistantsI say: Carvalho Silva and Carlos Enrique Alves de Lima Filho
Yellow Cards: Mathusinho, Leo Pereira, Michael and João Gómez (FLA); Davison, Bruno Parra, and Alison, Thousand Manga (VOL)
Red cards: no one
Objectives: Michael, 11 minutes into the first half (FLA) Gabijol, 20 minutes after the first half (FLA); Gabijol, in the 42nd minute of the first half (FLA); Vitinho, 3 minutes second half (FLA); Joao Carlos, 46 minutes into the second half (VOL)

Flamingo: Gabriel Baptista, Mathusinho, Gustavo Enrique, Leo Pereira and Ramon; Hugo Mora (Lucas Andre) and Max (Joao Gomez); Michael (Gabriel Barros), Vettinho (Rodrigo Muniz), Gabigol (Everton Ribeiro) and Pedro. idiomatic: Rogerio Ceni.

Volta Redonda: Andrei, Oliveira, Gabriel Pereira (Davison), Hitor and Louise Paulo; Bruno Parra (Wallison), Emerson (Hiroshi) and Luciano Naninho; MV (Caio Vitor) and a thousand manga and Joao Carlos. idiomatic: Neto Colucci.