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Flamengo: Brazz leaves a warning about Rodini at Atletico: "If he falls..."

Flamengo: Brazz leaves a warning about Rodini at Atletico: “If he falls…”

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Flamengo owner under Dorival Junior, Rodini has yet to decide which club he will play for next season. With a contract valid until December, the side is in sight from Atlético-MG. Leading the talks is Rodrigo Caetano, Gallo’s chief football officer.

In recent days, journalist Jorge Nicola has reported that negotiations between Rodini and Atletico will be at an advanced stage. Marcos Braz, Flamengo’s vice president of football, warns that if the full-back signs Gallo, the Rio club will need to notify him immediately.

In an interview with Flazoeiro TV, Braz celebrates Rodinei’s good phase and says he will tackle the renewal at the time he considers ideal.

Four months ago they wanted to kill Rodini and me (laughs). Thank God that at this excellent stage, he is a player who has spent six months and seven years at Flamengo. No player can spend a long time in a club without merit. Rodini’s topic is a little advanced, not now. Rodini has a contract until the end of the year, when we understand we have to sit down again to talk, I’ll sit down. It won’t be now.”

“That’s his right, for the last six months of his contract. This FIFA allows. The only point is that if he signs the contract, he and the team that signed him have the obligation to notify Flamengo. It is expected within FIFA, if you don’t, then there is something wrong with both of you,” he added.

Highlighting Flamengo vs Atletico, in Copa do Brasil, Rodini was asked about the future, but it didn’t matter if he stayed or left.

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– I think game after game. I train, I get to the CT early and I try to do my best every day. If he doesn’t renew Flamengo, I won’t speak up. These things are left to the board of directors and my representatives. The player does not decide his future. It’s not a matter of desire, it’s a matter of hard work and commitment to help the flamingo. And that, my representative was speaking to the board of directors and I’m just working to help the Flamengo, on their way to victory. And the titles that are most important. God’s future. We don’t know tomorrow – said the number 22 from Rubro-Negro.