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Flamengo and Atlético-MG are vying for titles and prizes worth R$225 million by the end of 2021;  The value can still grow

Flamengo and Atlético-MG are vying for titles and prizes worth R$225 million by the end of 2021; The value can still grow

The owners of two of the most valuable teams in Brazilian football, flamingo NS Atletico MG Keep fighting for the main season titles. Classifieds for the semi-finals in Libertadores Konmebol and on Brazil Cup and integrated with G4 no Brazilian ChampionshipClubs are strong candidates for real prizes.

If one of the teams achieves the achievement of winning the three competitions, they can raise a sum of approximately R$ 225 million.

The team that lifts the Copa del Rey 2021 will put at least 33 million Brazilian riyals in its pockets. Even high, the value is still much lower than that paid to clubs that win the other two competitions involved.

Given the sums already paid in each pass and field order, the Copa del Rey and Libertadores champions will receive the heaviest jackpots: R$73 million for the winner of the largest Brazilian judge’s exit, and $22.55 million (about R$118.5 million) for whoever becomes the “owner” of America.

The longest way to Brasiliao. Atlético MG is the leader with 42 points. Flamengo is third with 34, but with two matches postponed and a direct confrontation between them in the second leg. The second place is exactly Palm trees, who will be Gallo’s opponent in the semi-finals of the Libertadores, the competition of which he is the current champion.

On the other hand, he will face Flamengo Barcelona- EQU In the semi-finals of the South American Championship.

When it comes to the Copa Brasil, Robro Negro will compete for a place in the Grand Final against Atlético PR, The confrontation has already occurred in the last two editions of the competition. Facing Atlético-MG succumb to, which is also ranked fourth in Brazil.

The big one can grow up

Only Flamengo and Atlético-MG play in Brazil for a perfect scenario in 2021, with a chance to win the top three competitions still open for the season. But this could become more historic.

In a hypothetical case of the achievements of Brazil, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, as well as 225 million Brazilian reals, the club still has to fight for clubs World Cupthat has not yet been created. The champion of this calf will receive a prize of 5 million US dollars (approximately 26.2 million Brazilian reals).