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Five Muslim women wanted to blow up a French Catholic church at Easter, they were arrested

Five extremist Muslim women – one of whom is still a young man – have been arrested in Beijing for trying to blow up a Catholic church in the nearby French town of Montpellier. Due to Easter.

Le Picaro was the first to announce a planned terrorist attack, particularly the arrest of five women, Le Pointe reported in the French daily.

According to Robert Maynard, mayor of Beziers, this is a Muslim immigrant family and has recently been intensified. They lived in the rugged, poor public safety area of ​​the small town where crime was high. According to him, Spars has already spent a lot of money to rectify the situation in the suburbs.

The center of the pagersCover: AFP / Pascal Guyot

The five women were captured by anti-terrorist commandos in the nearby town of Montpellier. Someone saw videos of the beheading of the Islamic State and tried to contact the terrorist organization. He began by writing that Easter should be celebrated with a terrorist attack and that a church should be blown up in Montpellier. The woman was arrested, along with four other women, all members of a family. One is his mother, the other three are his sister. Among them, the youngest is still a teenage girl. They also planned a terrorist attack.

Le Point knew that no explosives other than weapons had been found by the terrorists in the family apartment. Le Figaro has issued a lengthy statement saying that sympathy for Muslim women terrorists is a separate, dangerous group in France. In Nimes, two sisters were arrested for sending money to a third sister who was a terrorist in Syria.

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