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Fish found in dead jellyfish in the UK (photo)

Fish found in dead jellyfish in the UK (photo)


Brazil satellite



Some young fish in jellyfish tents may seek refuge from predators, however, in this case the fish appear to have been swallowed by jellyfish.

A photographer walking along the British coast saw a dead jellyfish, a whole fish that was its last food in its open stomach.

The fish, whose species has not yet been identified, was inside a compass jellyfish with brown V-shaped dots similar to the compass lines.

With fish inside the jellyfish

Photographer, Ian Watkin, Said To the Daily Mail tabloid who stumbled upon a strange picture during a morning walk with their dogs on Cornish Beach on August 4th.

According to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, some young fish take refuge from predators in jellyfish tents.

“Unfortunately, it looks like it’s been hit and turned into Medusa’s lunch,” he added.

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