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Find out why The Avengers movie needs a different title in the UK

Find out why The Avengers movie needs a different title in the UK

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Launched in 2012, The Avengers It came to change superhero movies forever, proving that it was possible to create a universe shared by multiple franchises that could come together in one big event film. However, if the whole world knew “The Avengers“, won the title of “Movie in the United Kingdom”.Avengers Assemble“For an unusual reason.

Although the group from the comics is always called “The Avengers“In England and its Dominions, The Marvel Studios And this Disney In order to avoid comparisons and references to the popular series, he chose to add an addition to the group’s film title. The Avengers (Also called The Avengers In Brazil), it was exhibited between 1961 The 1969.

The series revolves around the life of a spy John Steed and his allies, always solving cases and tackling mysteries across England. The show was so popular that it ran for a total of six seasons 161 chapters. Additionally, a film inspired by the series was released in 1998 (also titled The Avengers), played Ralph Fiennes, Uma Dharman This is Sean Connery.

The Avengers is the name of a popular spy series that aired between 1961 and 1969.

Fearing that this would undermine the popularity of Team Heroes in England, The Marvel Studios 2012 chose to localize the film’s title and it was retitled Avengers Assemble (In free translation, Onward, Avengers) It is noteworthy that this is the title of a joke Wonderful Released between 2012 and 2014, it recently received a new volume.

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Although the “translation” helped differentiate the two media products, many British fans considered the film “”The Avengers“, its original title. A curious thing about this is that, like the phrase “”.Avengers Assemble” is an important catchphrase from the comics, used whenever the team needs to get together, only incorporated into the movies. Avengers: Endgamewhen Captain America Calling all heroes to face Thanos.

The Avengers Available at Disney+.

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