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Find out why it is not healthy to let your dog lick you

Find out why it is not healthy to let your dog lick you

Throughout most people’s lives, there will always be a certain moment when they want to adopt, buy or win a petWhether that period is in childhood or even old age.

Having this desire does not mean that there is something wrong with the person, after all, pets are great choices to keep us company. When it comes to this topic, the most common choices revolve around cats or dogs, although there are many exceptions.

The common view some people have about indoor cats is often wrong. That’s because most people prefer dogs because cats are more independent and not always so attached to their owners.

Given this preference, it is seen that in the homes of people who have dogs, it is very normal to see them accompanying their guardians to every corner of the house to spend time with them.

Who knows, they might even receive a very nice affection, and sometimes, when this does not happen, it is even possible to notice a sad appearance in the animal, in some cases.

However, there is no way to compare the two animals, as they have very different personalities, which leads to different behaviors. But when it comes to dogs, they can be a bit more sophisticated, and who knows, even dangerous, because they love to distribute different types. licks🇧🇷

Although there is not a great deal of information being shared about this, dog licking can become something detrimental to the health of their master and the other components of a place, when it occurs in excess.

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Because of this, it’s a good idea to start realizing it might be a bad idea to let your faithful companion lick you at all times. A little later, we will explain the reason for this statement.

understand why

The reason for setting aside this practice is justified by the fact that the mouth of dogs, like the mouth of humans, is a sea of ​​bacteria, which can eventually cause some diseases.

Check, immediately, an example you are observing; He’s implying that his teacher’s “doguinho” licking case ended up spiraling out of control.

Who remembers a report on the Internet, about a case that occurred in 2016, a nice story Italian Greyhound That by licking her guardian, an elderly woman living in England, she ended up being transferred to the intensive care ward?

When performing examinations, some bacteria residues are called Capnocytophaga canimorsus🇧🇷

It is usually placed inside the mouths of dogs and cats, and given that the elderly woman had not been bitten, the doctors concluded that the contamination occurred through licking of her pet.