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Find out who is the CEO who earns more than a million Brazilian riyals

Find out who is the CEO who earns more than a million Brazilian riyals

The high pay of CEOs (CEO) in Brazil and the world has been questioned for some time. A survey showed that the annual earnings of 90 executives comp Composing Ibovespa exceeds 1.1 billion R$. This was the result of 2021.

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Based on this calculation, the average monthly salary is more than R$1 million per executive, despite the economic scenario in Brazil and Effects The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the economy as a whole.

CEO compensation

From 2020 to 2021, the average salary increase for these CEOs was 30%. The data was analyzed by Renato Chaves, a specialist in corporate governance.

It was based on public documentation on Compensation From CEOs submitted by companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

According to the data analyzed by Chavez, about 400 million Brazilian reals – 30% of the total – are in the hands of just ten CEOs. The highest-earning person, according to the poll, is the former president of Banco Santander in Brazil, Sergio Real. The entrepreneur’s salary was R$59 million in 2021.

After him, we have Vale CEO, Eduardo Bartolomeo. His annual salary was 55 million Brazilian riyals. After that, Milton Mallohy was ranked third in the list of CEO compensation. At Itaú Unibanco, he earned a salary of R$53 million.

The numbers confirm Separation Salaries are among those at the top of the company hierarchy and employees at the bottom, especially in light of layoffs and a noticeable drop in salaries in recent years.

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Estadão researched the 10 companies with the highest salaries for CEOs. In response to the newspaper, Vale said the bounty follows the practices of the shop. Bradsko said the amounts were approved at a shareholder meeting. Other companies have not commented on the matter.