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Find out who gets the second installment this week

Find out who gets the second installment this week

A few million others will receive a second round of emergency aid this week. According to the official Caixa Calendar, there will be 11 issues of the second batch for informal groups and beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program.

By the way, payments start on Monday (24). According to the official calendar, this is the date that determines second installment payments for those who have the final number of the Social Registration Number (NIS) ending with the number 5. This applies only to the Bolsa Família group.

See calendar:

  • Monday (24) – NIS ending at 5 NIS.
  • Tuesday (25) – NIS ending at 6.
  • Wednesday (26) – shekel ends at 7.
  • Thursday (27) – Shekel ends with 8.
  • Friday (28) – NIS expires 9.

After these payments are issued to the general Bolsa Família, second installment transfers will be granted a weekend break. Then on Monday (31) it will be the turn of people who have a shekel that ends with the number 0. Thus, it is the last group of the month.

Informal people follow a different logic. It is based on the month of the anniversary. According to Caixa Econômica, they will also have a week full of cash issues. Payments to them this week start on Tuesday (25).

See the calendar.

  • Tuesday (25) – birthday in August.
  • Wed (26) – Birthday in September.
  • Thursday (27) – the anniversary of October.
  • Friday (28) – Birthday in November.

As in the case of Bolsa Família users, informal users will also have a payment cutout this weekend. However, in their case, the releases are back as early as Sunday (30). People born in December should receive the second installment on this date.

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Unofficial looting

It’s worth remembering that informal organizations also follow a different logic when it comes to releasing plunder. These dates on the calendar above show the days for cashing out into the digital account. This means, therefore, that these workers will have to follow a different withdrawal date in the branches.

This date is arranged in a different calendar. Those born in August, for example, will only be able to withdraw money from this second installment as of June 11th. People born in September will only be able to do this on the fourteenth and so on.

There is criticism regarding the Caixa Withdrawal Editing System. However, the bank claims that this is in order to protect the user. They fear that people will end up making a big conglomerate in the agencies. The country, by the way, is still suffering from a pandemic.

first aid

This is the second of Four payments that the federal government Intended to do in this version of emergency aid. Values ​​range from 150 Rials to 375 Rials. So this money is much less than what Planalto Palace itself paid out last year.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes acknowledged the possibility of extending the benefit. According to press information, the provisional measure (MP) allowing this extension is almost ready. Planalto will discuss when she can continue to pay for the program.