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Find out who can withdraw the PIS / Pasep Salary Bonus

Find out who can withdraw the PIS / Pasep Salary Bonus

For workers the money and benefits guaranteed by the government in order to ensure the quality of life of these citizens. NS Salary Pass PIS / Pasep It is one of the benefits guaranteed by law to the worker.

Resources that enhance this feature come from the Workers’ Support Fund (FAT). Transfers are made, according to I worked a while In the base year, for those who have worked uninterrupted for 12 months, they receive the minimum wage.

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus, related to the base year 2020, was due to be paid in June and July of this year, but has been deferred to 2022. The decision was an action by the Codefat Advisory Board to use these resources to work subsidy and maintain income.

Who is entitled to withdraw the salary bonus?

To receive the salary bonus PIS / Pasep, there specific rules which enables the worker to obtain the benefit. Follow what they are:

  • The worker must have been registered with PIS for at least five years;
  • Relatively speaking, the worker must have received an average monthly wage amounting to a minimum wage during the base year;
  • It is necessary that you have been engaged in the paid activity of a legal entity, for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year being counted; And
  • The employer (legal person) must have correctly updated the employee’s registration data in the Annual Social Information Report (RAIS)/eSocial.

Remember that it is necessary for the company to communicate information to its employees annually, through Rais on e-Social. If this is not done, the employer will need to send the list of workers so that they can be entered to receive the allowance.

How much can I get from this feature?

Currently, the PIS / Pasep salary bonus is paid according to the months worked, in the paid activity. Values ​​may vary between R$ 92,00 1,100,00 R$, given the current minimum salary. Note the following relationships:

  • Worked for 1 month – R$92.00;
  • 2 months – R$184.00;
  • 3 months – R$ 275.00;
  • 4 months – 367.00 BRL;
  • 5 months – R$459.00;
  • 6 months – R$550.00;
  • 7 months – 642.00 BRL;
  • 8 months – R$734.00;
  • 9 months – R$825.00;
  • 10 months – Rls 917.00;
  • 11 months – R$1,009.00;
  • 12 months – R$1,100.00.

For workers with a Caixa checking or savings account, PIS payroll bonuses automatically.

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