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Find out which neighborhoods in Blumenau have the highest number of dengue mosquito outbreaks

Find out which neighborhoods in Blumenau have the highest number of dengue mosquito outbreaks

Dengue cases continue to grow in Blumenau. In light of the epidemiological situation after recording an increase in the number of diagnoses, the bulletin issued by the municipal health department highlighted new worrying data on Thursday (29). Since the latest information released on February 22, the city has recorded 130 outbreaks and 241 cases.

Find out which neighborhoods in Blumenau are suffering from a dengue mosquito outbreak – Photo: Reproduction/ND

The cumulative total since the first week of the year is 1,010 outbreaks and 3,025 probable cases. Of this number, 2,599 cases are still under investigation and 426 cases have been confirmed. Three people are hospitalized in the intensive care unit and 21 people in the Blumenau ward.

Probable cases, according to the Ministry of Health, include all reported, suspected, confirmed and inconclusive cases, excluding cases that have been eliminated. “In this way, all suspected cases present in the system will be considered probable. This allows for a more accurate analysis of the situation.”

This Thursday, the Ministry of Health also updated the list of the 10 neighborhoods with the highest number of Aedes aegypti mosquito outbreaks, as follows:

  • Progress – 71
  • Itupava Central – 66
  • Green water – 63
  • Etopavzinha – 62
  • Itupava North – 60
  • Salto do Norte – 56
  • Garcia – 55
  • Badenfurt – 47
  • Sharp tip – 39
  • Old – 37

Outpatient clinics

In Blumenau, general family outpatient clinics (AGFs) provide care for suspected dengue cases in the neighborhoods: Velha, Escola Agricola, Garcia, Fortaleza, Itupava Central, Badenfurt and Centro. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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ESFs (Family Health Strategy) units also provide care to the population. Addresses and hours of operation of eligible units can be found on the website City Hall website.

Reports of dengue mosquito outbreaks

Residents can also report places with potential mosquito infestations by contacting the Dengue Control Program, through OuvidorSUS at phone 156 (option 4) or by phone 3381-7770. Service takes place Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm.

SC is in a state of emergency due to dengue fever

Last week, the Santa Catarina state government declared a state of emergency due to the high number of municipalities in Santa Catarina infested with mosquitoes, in addition to possible cases of dengue fever reported and a record of deaths from the disease.

This Tuesday (27), the Santa Catarina government launched a committee to monitor dengue fever cases. According to updated data from the commission, Santa Catarina already has 25,984 possible cases of the disease, with 10 deaths.

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