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Find out what updates are being made

Find out what updates are being made

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging and calling applications in the world. In this sense, the company has invested in updates that can improve the user experience with the app. Thus, the app is investing at this moment in the inclusion of a cover photo and a new design for video calls.

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Cover photo on business profiles

Recent detections by WABetainfo (WhatsApp news site) show that the app wants to implement some updates. One has to do with including a cover photo, similar to Facebook, in WhatsApp profiles. However, this feature will not be available for all accounts but is designed for business accounts. Although it is not available for standard users, they will be able to see the cover photo when they visit your business profile.

It is not yet known when this update will be released, as it is still under development. As such, the new feature is being tested for iOS beta, but the company is also planning to bring it to WhatsApp Business for Android.

New interface for video calls

Another update planned by WhatsApp concerns a new interface for voice calls, built since December 2021. This project was initially thought of for iOS and Android, but WhatsApp has currently released a redesigned calling interface for Android beta testers only.

Not only is the new one-to-one interface design revamped, but a new conference calling paradigm is also being considered. The disclosure shows that when a group voice call is made, it brings sound in a waveform to all participants during the call.

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According to WABetainfo, the new update for the Android beta app is rolling out, along with other news that is supposed to roll out in the coming weeks. As far as the iOS beta goes, updates haven’t been seen yet, but WhatsApp says it could be done in a future update.