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Find out what to do if you don't want to withdraw up to 1000 BRL

Find out what to do if you don’t want to withdraw up to 1000 BRL

a Unusual loot From the Separation Compensation Fund (FGTSGenerate up to R$1,000 for more than 42 million Brazilian workers. The money came at a good time for many people on a tight budget. But not everyone wants to use the money. So how is the situation with the released funds?

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Although many people expect the extraordinary draw, not everyone wants to touch FGTS at the moment and would rather keep the full amount saved. So, for those who are in this situation, there is no need to worry. Withdrawal is not mandatory.

FGTS Exceptional Draw

The FGTS Exceptional Withdrawal Deposit follows a payment schedule based on each worker’s month of birth. Thus, the funds were released between April 20 and June 15.

In this way, everyone with available funds for withdrawal has already received up to 1,000 RRL. Funds released through Caixa Tem’s Digital Social Savings Account.

Anyone who does not want to deal with money has nothing to worry about. This is because as of December 15, the amount that the worker has not used will be returned to the FGTS account.

In addition, the values ​​will be corrected so that no one gets lost. To reference the FGTS snippet, the worker can access the Caixa website or the FGTS app as well.

Simply click on the unusual withdrawal option to see the amount that has been released. It is necessary to inform the CPF as well as the PIS number.

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Thus, who has available money and wants to withdraw a benefit Withdraws The extraordinary FGTS will be able to transfer funds until December 15th. After that, the amount will be returned to the fund account.