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Find out what happened at A Fazenda 14 · TV News

Find out what happened at A Fazenda 14 · TV News

Another party rolled farm 14 From Friday night (2) to the early hours of Saturday (3). The confined song is marked by Deolane Bezerra’s gossip about Bárbara Borges, and Malfitano’s sentiments with the permanence of the actress in rural reality.

With only seven participants in the headquarters and Papi on the farm, the party had a much more relaxed atmosphere. Deolane devoted himself to hurling insults at the former Paquita During a conversation with Pia Miranda, Elaine Cardoso, Moranguinho, and Petala Barreros.

“She did what she did, belittle people, lazy. Then she left here to do what? She has no empathy. What are you doing?” The actor scoffed.

“No Charisma,” agreed Strawberry Shortcake. “I told her, ‘You can win the prize, but that’s it, you’re bitter, you’re bad. You’re not going to fix anything.'” [lá fora]Deulan continued.

At the ranch, Papi captured the scene and was shocked by the words of MC Kevin’s widow (1998-2021). The actress replied, “You don’t know anything about my life, you don’t know anything about who I am.”

“I tried to underestimate myself at all times,” Deulan insisted during a conversation with the three allies. Papi replied, “I didn’t try to belittle you when I said I don’t know anything about you, I really don’t. I don’t know about your life. That’s crazy.”

I searched [sobre a sua vida]Strawberry shortcake provoked. I searched, “the lawyer approved.” You were the one who said you were safe because of the haters, it’s all out of your mouth, woman. My God. It’s a lot of inflated ego for the person who wants it [que todo mundo saiba sobre ela]🇧🇷 “She’s so narcissistic this woman,” added the actress.

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Emotional Iran

Iran and Andre Marinho are the only ones who know Pape is still in the game after he went through a false hit. Delighted, the actor raved about the former powerhouse husband about the meeting he had with the actress on Friday afternoon.

“I couldn’t stand it, I just fell to the ground,” Iran recalls. “Very, very exciting,” Andrei agreed. There are 14 days left [para acabar o programa]Today, I felt a blow that I haven’t felt for a long time, “Iran admitted.

Dreca Marino’s husband, Then he admitted that he did not expect a false elimination in the last stage of the match. “Did you ever guess that time? Never. I guessed there again,” explained the pawn.

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